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Ace Racer Mod APK 3.0.60 Download for Android

App By:
Netease Games Global
3.0.60 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 16, 2023
1.52 GB
Required Android:
4.3 and up

The latest racing game to gain a lot of attention is Ace Racer. This game features levels that offer both an exciting gameplay experience and an appealing aesthetic. With all these features, the game will surely immerse players into its world as well as the car garage it offers. The game now features real-life vehicles thanks to the latest update.

You'll have to upgrade both the power transmission and the interior of your vehicle if you want it to perform to its full potential. A car owner wants to accelerate as soon as possible, but it takes time to accumulate sufficient resources. In order to collect as many resources as possible, players need to keep leveling up and completing quests.

About Ace Racer Mod APK

This is a thrilling and challenging racing game in which you control vehicles against your opponents. There are differences in the speed, acceleration, handling, and handling characteristics of the cars. It is either easy to win or you can get heavily crashed.

As well as that, each car has its own acceleration, speed, and handling characteristics. There are two ways to win: either you win easily or you get severely crashed. Simple controls are available in the game. You can play in three different modes: Campaign, Time Trial, and Endless. This racing game has a storyline-based campaign mode.

Aliens abduct the car driver at the beginning of the story. The only way to save him is to go around the world. There are several obstacles to overcome during the race. A building, a tree, and a traffic light are all examples of these objects. A car's direction is controlled using the arrow keys while driving.

Furthermore, the accelerator is referred to as 1, and the brakes are referred to as Q. Whenever possible, try to maintain smooth control over your car. Losing points is the consequence of making a mistake.

Why You Should Use Ace racer Mod Apk?

It is a fun racing game that offers simple controls and a unique gameplay experience. A total of five races are presented to you, in which you must beat your opponent's vehicles. In addition to having different features, your car will earn high points if it hits other cars, obstacles, and other vehicles. A unique design and style distinguish this racing game.

Moreover, you can compete against other players to win five races in a racing competition. Getting first place in a race will earn you additional rewards. Trophies are awarded based on your level.

Furthermore, this game features a special mode called "Race Mode". The vehicles you can race with are different from those of your competitors. Trophies and other rewards will be awarded to winners of the races.

What acre racer ha to offer

A unique collection of 5 tracks

With Ace Racer Mod Apk, you'll have access to five racing tracks. The courses are divided into ten levels each. Depending on the level, the difficulty will vary. The levels will challenge you in different ways. During the journey, you will encounter obstacles and traps that must be avoided.

During some levels, you will encounter enemies who are attacking you. You will be trying to get past them. Keeping up with them will require quick movements. The only way to defeat them is by picking up weapons. Machine guns, missiles, and bombs are among these weapons.

Physics with a realistic approach

It uses physics to determine how the vehicles behave in Ace Racer Mod APK. There will be a difference between how they react and how real cars do. There is no comparison between them and real cars in terms of speed. Their reactions will also differ based on the conditions on the road and in the environment. Your driving style will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Furthermore, you must be mindful of the environment. There is no such thing as destroying a building or a bridge. When driving, you should keep the environment intact. Using this app, you can compete against other racers with an advanced AI system.

The medals can be classified into 12 types

It is possible for you to earn 12 different kinds of medals. Among the medals are four bronzes, four silvers, four golds, and four platinum medals. It is quite easy to obtain a bronze medal. The race must be completed and points must be earned. Getting a silver medal is not an easy task.

Furthermore, in order to get a silver medal, you need to get a certain number of points. There is a lot of hard work involved in winning a gold medal. Your time needs to be used wisely and you need a good strategy. Gold medals are awarded based on how many points you get in the race.

Games with multiple modes of play

In Ace Racer Mod APK, you must race efficiently and as fast as you can, in order to cross the finish line quicker than your rivals. A video will be shown to you before the start of the race that showcases the gameplay and graphics. In the first minutes of playing this game, racing simulator fans will experience a wild delight.

There are three modes to choose from in the main menu:

  • Campaign.
  • Events.
  • Multiplayer.

Players who are new to Ace Racer can only access the Campaign mode. As you progress through the races in campaign mode, you will gain experience that will enable you to move forward. The importance of experience in this game cannot be overstated. Feeling your car is the key to winning a race. As the game has just entered the European market, multiplayer may not work properly at the moment.

A large number of licensed vehicles

A license is required for every vehicle in the gaming fleet. These vehicles include expensive sports cars, legendary brands, electric cars, and others. It is impossible not to notice a large number of classic (even retro) and modern cars and motorcycles that are available for your own enjoyment. A particular model can be analyzed in detail so that you can choose the model that will take center stage in your garage.

There are dozens of car models within the game, but you can create your own. Parts and assemblies can be used for this purpose. As an ideal addition to the design of the car, accessories make the car perform better and look more stylish.

Various locations with unique characteristics

In the case of Ace Racer, you would be mistaken if you thought it was a simulator. There are no laws of physics that apply to these arcade racing games. What are your thoughts on the possibility of a car flying? I disagree with this statement. Acceleration and flying onto the springboard are the most important things to do. You have the option of flying several hundred meters. You can also knock an enemy car down or spin around your axis during this time. Combining both activities is another option. There are a variety of locations where the tracks run. The course offers a variety of experiences, including drifting on ice, skidding in the sand, raising dust clouds on dirt roads, and burning rubber on asphalt.

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