Chicken Gun Private Server APK (Mod Menu)

Chicken Gun Private Server APK (Mod Menu) 1.4.7 Download for Android

App By:
1.4.7 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 12, 2023
131.32 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up

The Chicken Gun Private Server APK brings new maps, mobs, and more to the popular Chicken Gun fangame. For several maps, the flashlight was added in v1.4.7.

Using Chicken Gun's private server gives players special advantages in online battles, such as not having to buy additional items or participate in a limited number of battles. Furthermore, official servers have no intention of banning anybody.

Players meet and fight against one another using different weapons and characters in several modes and on many maps.

Everyone picks a hero in this multiplayer game and engages in battles in arenas as their hero. In order to minimize the probability of defeat, it is imperative to avoid aiming and to constantly move around.


There is no change from the original game, except for some reason, the standard names are cut off. For example, the boss's name is reduced to "General KoKoK".

Uncovering the potential of definitive games

Join us if you're a mobile game enthusiast. It's time to revolutionize your gaming experience with the Chicken Gun Private Server APK. Simply pure and undulating fun with no limitations or concerns. This article focuses on what makes this game change unique from others, addressing its unique aspects. Take part in the most epic game trip of your life.

The Chicken Gun Private Server APK will increase your playability

It takes a giant leap forward in terms of mobile games when it comes to Chicken Gun Private Server APK. The following information is fundamental to new players regarding this game

No Restrictions, No Concerns

Say goodbye to online battle limitations and game shopping. APK Chicken Gun provides you with special perks from the start, so you can enjoy immersive gameplay.

Confrontation with a feathered giraffe in an arcade

Consider an arcade-style setting where feathered characters battle each other. This game is designed to be accessible to all levels of experience with ChaloApps. Be immersed in the experience and meet every challenge head-on.

Getting to Montones: Expect a wide variety of adventures

Discover a multitude of different modes and maps, each providing a unique experience. A variety of weapons and characters are available for players to choose from, making battles exciting and challenging.

A mastery of the art of battle

It is agility that makes you the most valuable player in this multiplayer arena. Keeping moving minimizes the risk of defeat. Dodge, weave and keep moving. Rapid and strategic movements are key, but accuracy is also crucial.

A variety of play modes are available

A variety of game modes are available in Chicken Gun, such as defusing bombs and catching flags. There are many opportunities for success in each mode, whether you play alone or as a team.

EliteSquad: Face the No Dead

In this game, you play as a character who must train, improve their arsenal, and lead their characters to victory against the zombies. With EliteSquad mode, Chicken Gun takes on an exciting new dimension.

Features in Summary

The following features distinguish Chicken Gun Private Server APK from other similar apps:

  • No additional purchases required
  • Online battles are unlimited
  • Immunity to official server bans
  • Multiple game modes for endless entertainment
  • Feathered characters in attractive battles
  • A simple interface that is easy to use for all players

How to play

Choosing between the two servers is available after installation. It's a fight for survival for you, a chicken. You can find enemy chickens by exploring the map with a machine gun. The chicken can be moved using a joystick in a straightforward manner. A grenade can also be launched by tapping the action button. 

If you want to speed up and reach enemies faster, use any of the vehicles you can find in the environment. Get in front of them and surprise them. Remember to keep an eye on the floating bar above your head for your remaining life points. 

Chicken Gun vs. Stickman Superhero

Chicken Gun is also a free game with in-game purchases but requires in-game purchases if you want to unlock more features. Despite the fact that this is an action game, both heroes (chicken and stickman) fight against their enemies to make it to the end. As a Stickman Superhero, you have super-flying and kicking skills, spider wall-climbing abilities, as well as laser eyes. The only weapon your chicken hero has is a machine gun. 

Colorful 3D environments are featured in both games. A chicken or its weapon cannot be customized in Chicken Gun, unlike Stickman Superhero. You can, however, reach your enemies faster in both games using vehicles.

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