Demigod Idle Rise of a Legend Mod APK

Demigod Idle Rise of a Legend Mod APK 3.1.4 Download for Android

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Super Planet
3.1.4 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 09, 2023
184 MB
Required Android:
5.1 and up

Take a journey into the realms of Fantasia, where the fabric of reality is unraveled. Step into Demigod Idle Rise of a Legend Mod APK that teaches you how to harness both the divine and dark powers to become a legendary figure. The game is a thrilling blend of action, strategy, and rewards, making it an unforgettable idle-action RPG experience.

The fate of the universe can be shaped by your extraordinary abilities as a demigod. You possess the power that has lain dormant within you for a long time but has not been released. You begin your journey from humble beginnings, but your journey can lead to greatness through strategic gameplay and wise choices.

Throughout your journey, you will earn rewards, which you can use to strengthen your character, unlock new skills, and customize your demigod to meet your desires. Choosing the right path depends on your choices, and every choice has consequences.

Battle formidable foes and ancient evils in epic battles full of intense action. Your skills and cunning will be tested by a world teeming with monsters and challenges. Experience and power will boost your power and make you unstoppable.

If you don't actively play the game, you can still progress in Demigod Idle: Rise of a Legend. Don't be fooled by its laid-back nature, though. To succeed in this game, you need to think strategically and manage your resources smartly.

Do you have what it takes to become a legend? Play this immersive idle action RPG and unleash your divine and dark powers. You are destined to be a demigod! Discover your destiny and become what you were born to be!


Humans, gods, and monsters all reside in the same fantastical world. Demigods are born with amazing abilities and are destined to fulfill their destiny. The ultimate goal of the game is to become a legend in the realm by rising through the ranks, defeating powerful enemies, and becoming a legend in the empire.

Features of Demigod Idle Rise of a Legend Mod APK

With many exciting gameplay features, Demigod Idle sets itself apart from other idle games. To defeat your enemies, you must strategically deploy your abilities and manage your resources.

Resource Management

Gold, mana, and energy are the basic resources that you need to progress in the game. To upgrade your abilities, recruit followers, and unlock new areas, you'll need these resources.

Strategic Abilities

You can defeat enemies by using a variety of powerful abilities available to demigods. There is a cooldown period for every ability, so timing is crucial. In order to maximize the impact of their abilities, players must carefully strategize when to unleash them.

Follower Recruitment

Followers can be recruited throughout your journey to assist you in battles. Your combat skills can be considerably enhanced by these followers, as they possess unique abilities. As part of the gameplay, you must collect followers and upgrade them.

Progression System

Dedicated and skilled players will be rewarded for their dedication and skills in Demigod Idle's progression system. Leveling up and unlocking new abilities is possible as you defeat enemies and complete quests.

Unlockable Skills

A wide range of unlockable skills are available as you level up. Customizing the skills of your demigod will allow you to make it more suitable for your own playstyle. In order to improve gameplay depth, you should experiment with different skill combinations.

Challenging Boss Battles

There will be a number of formidable boss enemies you will encounter throughout your journey that will present you with a significant challenge. In order to defeat these bosses, players must plan carefully, manage resources, and use their abilities cleverly. After defeating a challenging boss, a tremendous sense of satisfaction is felt.

Engaging Storyline

Players will be captivated by Demigod Idle's captivating storyline from start to finish. Discovering the secrets of the realm, meeting intriguing characters, and making impactful decisions throughout the game will become apparent to you as you play.

Player Choices

A branching storyline allows players to impact the narrative based on their choices. Demigod Idle immerses players in a world of choices and provides a sense of agency.

Rich Lore

It features a rich storyline based on various mythological traditions, which is a big part of the game world's lore. Every discovery becomes even more exciting when we explore the lore.

Featured communities and social networks

In addition to offering a variety of community and social features, Demigod Idle Rise of a Legend Mod APK for Android also offers a variety of gaming features that improve the overall experience.

Groups such as guilds and clans

Clans and guilds offer players the opportunity to share resources, team up, and tackle challenging quests together. Players can form camaraderie and cooperate with each other on account of the social aspects of the game.

Top-ranking lists

The competitive community can showcase their skills by climbing the leaderboards. As a player, you can earn exclusive in-game bonuses by ranking high on the leaderboards.


It combines resource management, strategic abilities, and a compelling storyline to create a unique and compelling gaming experience. Demigod Idle is a must-try if you're a fan of idle games or looking for a new adventure. Forge your path to becoming a legend in the world of Demigod Idle.

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