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0.15.1 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 15, 2023
1.29 GB
Required Android:
5.0 and up

It follows the main character's life as it is suddenly changed in the free-roaming game Photo Hunt for adults. In spite of your parents' long-standing separation, your father sent you back to live with your mother. Your relationship with her and your sister has completely changed after years of seeing them. Furthermore, the city of your childhood has changed too, albeit in a positive way on the surface, with some dark dealings underneath... 

As if that weren't bad enough, right after arriving home and getting started with your hobby (as a photographer), one fatal error results in you being shunned at school and at home. It is only up from the bottom that you can find your way out! The trust and love of your family will return to you when you use your trusty camera and put forth the effort.

Your character is unwittingly sent to his mother's house because he refused to go there. It's like a whole new city compared to what you knew before. Above all, you lost the trust of your siblings after just one mistake. With nothing but a new camera and a desire to turn everything upside down, all you need is a little money and a little love...

It has very realistic face characters and is an outstanding graphically designed game made using Ren'py's game engine.

With a visual novel style and an adventure element Based Game

Many locations

Visiting some of them is limited to certain hours, while others aren't available. It is only after moving through the story that you are able to access them.

Your character is formed by your actions

A wide range of qualities can be developed in you (charisma, strength, sneaking, intelligence, hacking, and photography). Adding new scenes to your life (or extending them) and adding new actions is one way they help.

Characters and plots

Several chapters of the story have been written, and I need only to work on the images, dialogue, and logic structure in RenPy. Ultimately, you will see 11 different girls with different personalities and appearances, their own preferences and discrepancies, as well as varying attitudes toward various things. Each girl has a framework in her closet. Everyone could find their favorite girl, since I made all of them interesting. The main story behind the typical conflict is closely related to most characters.

The narrative that is non-linear

In the game, I primarily aim to repeat scenes as much as possible so that you can see new ones and gain a deeper understanding of the characters. It will vary according to many factors and in many different ways how the story develops: You have improved your intelligence, for example, so that your character automatically does or says something funny and changes the scene's continuation; You change the scene before it happens by doing something related to it.

The appearance of the girl

Thousands of combinations can be made between the models I have purchased. As a result, the hair color, nail color, and buttocks of every woman in my game are all handmade. It is impossible to find two models that are the same.

What's New!

RM expansion:

  • You'll meet new girls.
  • There are two scenes featuring Sakura

  • Kira's clue has been updated
  • With Sakura's new topics, many of her old topics are now accompanied by images plus three new ones.
  • The main storyline of Fiona's character (Abandoned hospital) continues
  • Scene and main plot point of Evelyn's story: saving one of the girls from Harry

Evelyn's scenes were rerendered and expanded in some instances (The scene with Evelyn and Alice who are passed out now divides into two scenes and asks you to complete the presentation scene first and not fire Alice).

The way Fiona reacts to you at school will depend on the route you choose (the same goes for Sakura at RM based on the number of girls brought there).

Enhancing the text and fixing bugs

Listed below are three achievements

An additional 27 images were added from an additional scene, 5 animations were added from an additional scene, and 244 renders were made.