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VR GirlFriend Mod APK Download for Android

App By:
Wenjie He
Version: for Android
Updated On:
Mar 16, 2023
35.46 MB
Required Android:
4.1 and up
Role Playing

Discover paradise island...and get ready to explore! Xiaomei would love to give you a tropical island holiday!!

Please hurry! Get ready to experience a Paradise Island like no other!

Come to the blissful, wonderful island where the sea is clear blue, the scenery is peaceful, and especially Nancy, our special girl, lets you enjoy another hot summer. Come and enjoy a wonderful vacation with her while using VR GirlFriend Mod APK. You will find this attraction inside the game with a fascinating, remarkable story; find it out.


When the summer is hot, and the weather is unpleasant, surely we will head out to islands where you can swim in the clear blue water, play exciting games, and have an amazing vacation. Besides being a person who really longs for a vacation and has a strong passion for photography, VR GirlFriend Mod APK lets players role-play the main character who has been working as a paparazzi for quite a while.

Make sure she has plenty of beautiful clothes to wear!

She is going to dump you if you do not take her out to restaurants or amusement parks.

As a side note, her favorite sport is catching crabs on the beach, but... Take care that she doesn't get caught by the crabs.

Despite our 360-degree panoramic view, please do not peek at her while she is changing clothes, otherwise she will get mad.

When you're at a bar, be sure to protect her.

The in-game experience was encouraged

They take pictures as well as pose, but they also play interesting sea games on their common dates on the charming beach. Developing a playground for you and her together, increasing the rewards, and increasing your love level is the challenge the programmers.

The game will surprise you with surprises. Join her in the game of winning, whether it's a romantic bouquet, a marriage proposal, or even a luxurious vacation. You'll score points in her eyes if you give her a little attractive private space. Get to know each other better, she met at restaurants, and discos, ...

Features of VR GirlFriend Mod APK

VR GirlFriend is a wonderful, authentic, and engaging experience for players. 3D images clearly convey the personality of the character as well as specific details about their appearance. Players experience new and more exciting feelings because of the pleasing sound. By combining sound and image, the game's texture is enhanced, adding variety and building sympathy in the player's mind.

Nancy can also be dressed and equipped differently in the game so that she and you can go to different places. You are also taken on a journey of many surprises with each additional level. A feature of the game allows you to find out what the opponent is thinking to begin flirting with her more quickly.

Players will experience unforgettable feelings from VR GirlFriend Mod APK, maybe nostalgia for the newly-loved couple, confusion, then falling in love even more. It leaves many beautiful impressions on players and makes them excited. It's fun, it leaves many interesting emotions, and no other game can compare. So let's share it together!

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