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1.7 For Android
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mars 25, 2023
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5.0 and up

Women's violent tendencies and natural strength have seen immense boosts in power in just one night following gene mutations. There has been a shift in the role of men in society from bottom feeders to the top feeders. Taking part in the Tourney of Supreme Warriors, a competition ruled by women within a world governed by women, Jack Hoff, is the greatest disciple of the Patriarchy. His pledge is to regain men's honor by smashing the hornets into the darkest abyss with force and charm!

About Waifu Fighter APK

There are a lot of things to love about the game, such as the stunning graphics, an in-depth career path for your boxer, and intuitive controls. Three-minute rounds are generally the length of a boxing match. Every round ends with a minute-long interval in which fighters receive medical attention from their coaches and staff, as well as encouragement.

A hot-blooded match can be played anywhere and anytime with this 3D fighting game. A variety of boxers compete in each bout, so you can try your luck with any one of them.

It is possible to customize the appearance of your boxer in Waifu Fighter. Your selected boxer can now be challenged online by up to 15 friends. Find out what each other's strengths and weaknesses are and go for victory every time.

A very addictive gameplay can be found in Waifu Fighter. To knock out as many opponents as possible in time, you must knock them out before the time runs out. Power and finesse are both required to accomplish this. As you tap the screen, your boxer moves around the ring and you can aim at your opponent. You should, however, swipe down from the top whenever you see a chance to throw a punch.


A player's goal in Waifu Fighter APK Fist is to hit, dodge, and hit their opponent to win. The strength and defense of each character can be increased by using special skills and moves. For a player to succeed and overcome challenges, the game offers a variety of levels with increasing difficulty.

A beautiful graphics engine and high-quality sound are included in the game. Characters in the game are illustrated in lovely anime images, further increasing the appeal of the game. Players can also collect and upgrade items in the game to increase their character's strengths and skills.

Despite being a free game, it offers players the opportunity to upgrade their characters more quickly with in-game purchases. In addition, the game offers online play, in which players can enter challenges with other players around the world.

A level-based and mission-based system

Additional missions and challenges will also be available as you progress through the levels. These options are not available in the early levels, but they become available as you progress.

A student environment will also offer a chance to learn more about the characters and do things together that may interest you outside of the ring. There are several hours of entertaining gameplay in this game that may appear simple at first glance.

Characters with a variety of personalities

There is something unique about each Amazon's art style, story, and personality. The game contains dozens of unique characters, which give the game life and dynamic, so it is good for otakus and anime fans.

Waifu Fighter APK: How to Play?

There are no complicated controls or combos for this fighting game to start playing. There is not much technical skill required in this game, unlike other fighting games as it is more of a graphic novel with fighting gameplay.

Voice-overs in-game

This game's story is of utmost importance, so we recommend you pay attention to it. It takes around half of the game for you to learn about the backgrounds and personalities of the fighting waifus by talking to them.

Taking part in ring fights

It is in the Ring where most of the combat takes place, and this is where gameplay takes place. In our free time, we can relax and release adrenaline by playing this fighting game, which is very entertaining.

We will be able to view our Energy and Life points at the start of every battle. The Amazon with whom you must fight will hit you with blows and punches. It's a good thing if you lose the fights because they aren't lengthy and very hectic.

You must press the arrows in time to dodge and avoid being hit when they point up, down, and to the sides. You can start hitting the enemy if you stay alive and the enemy runs out of energy. At zero, the red bar indicates that the game is over. The story may seem very simple at first, but there is a lot of action throughout, and there are some interesting plot twists to be found.

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