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Paio Hazard APK 6.0 download for android

6.0 For Android
Updated On:
फ़र॰ 25, 2023
647.9 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up

This Action Game will have you exploring, solving puzzles, and fighting your way through. You must help Lina discover the inconvenient truth and protect the innocent...

Defend innocents, scavenge items, collect information... Assist the cause

A wild conspiracy is being exposed by Lina as she fights against the inconvenient truth!

In Paio Hazard APK, you'll experience a brutal action platformer and shooter that's both brutal and hardcore. Originally inspired by Japanese manga, the game is set in a fantasy world.


Lina is the name of the female detective that players will become. The female detective Lina possesses outstanding skills and comes to a grim-looking town to investigate the disappearance of dozens of people.

As a result of a thorough investigation, Lina discovered what caused the people to disappear. Finally, she found the job and assumed the role of the candidate.

A strange fog begins to spread throughout the town, turning everyone into zombies as soon as she takes on the case. She tries both to survive and solve the case in this messed-up town.

It is the player's job to control the main character and find out where the locked people are so they can be rescued and rescued from this dark, dirty place. Lina's agility enables her to manipulate the character dynamically to attack and escape the enemy using her nimble touch.

Various horrible monsters have their way with her in this very hardcore film. The art here is very, very well done, even though I normally have a high tolerance for this kind of stuff.

Saving your life and your health

Lina can be controlled pretty easily. As you travel through the map, you must fight zombies and monsters along the way. Health packs and boosts that make you stronger can be found on your travels. Also, you have to look out for some boss battles, puzzles, and collectibles.

Visuals and audio

The game's 2D graphics, Paio Hazard APK have never caused visual errors, or blurring, but rather generated a sharp frame that gives players an authentic feeling.

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