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Doraemon X APK 0.8b download for android

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0.8b For Android
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set 06, 2023
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5.0 and up

The player takes on the role of Nobita, who has just turned 18 years old. With the help of Doraemon, Nobita gets a gadget from which his lust for gadgets grows exponentially. 

What will Nobita do with these changes in his life?​

As Nobita, you will be 18 years old when you play her.

Doraemon gives you an item after receiving it...

As Nobita's lust increased, he became a lot more passionate.

What will Nobita do with the changes in her life?​


Doraemon X APK starts off as most Doraemon stories do: Nobita gets scolded at home and at school and turns to Doraemon to resolve the issue. That is until he noticed Doraemon was wearing a black rhombus on his forehead. Doraemon warns Nobita that it is impossible to go back once he taps the rhombus, in an attempt to prevent him from tapping it.

There is, however, no point in trying, as Nobita's curiosity ultimately triumphs over him, and he taps the rhombus, causing it to turn red and Doraemon's body to flail and glow uncontrollably. Doraemon lies completely still and unresponsive on the floor when Nobita opens his eyes. Nobita pulls Doraemon's tail, remembering it's a switch. He awakens Doraemon once more, but this time it's a battle-hardened military robot who is ready to unleash the full extent of his power whenever it is necessary. 

New friends are fun to have

It provides you with an opportunity to meet people and form friendships. There are also other familiar Doraemon X characters like Nobita and Tsuneo and Shizuka and Gian you will be able to make friends with. In fact, multitasking is something you will enjoy. You'll find plenty of new features in Doraemon X APK gameplay. Android and iOS devices are compatible with the game, which is played by thousands of players daily. A captivating storyline and mesmerizing graphics will make you want to play this game.

Get sucked into the world of this alternate world while relaxing and learning about friendship. Although other characters may fight you, you must make your stories compelling by pulling them together. Many characters will be introduced to you and you will agree to do various things together throughout the game. The story of the game is inspired by Doraemon's stories.

Game features of Doraemon X Apk

An adventure awaits: 

Nobita is the player's character and her mission is to explore each level. To move forward, you must solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.

A dynamic and definitive graphics system: 

A 2D motion style similar to anime and manga is used throughout the game. There are a lot of unique and enjoyable experiences in the game for fans of the series.

Gameplay that is connected: 

Despite its puzzle handling, the game still maintains a good balance between activity and puzzle handling. Its levels are challenging but not too challenging, so all things considered, the game is accessible to players.

A large number of characters: 

Several Doraemon characters appear in the game, allowing players to engage with them. In addition to Shizuka, Gyan, and Suno, these are also involved.

A look inside the games: 

There are also side missions and mini-games that can be played along with Doraemon X APK's main experience mode. Money can be earned by players in the game, as well as other rewards. 

Amounts in cash or in-game currency: 

As players complete levels, downscale games, and complete side missions, in-game cash is earned. In the game, they can purchase items with this currency.

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