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Sep 12, 2023
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In order to provide welfare to the people of Assam, the Assam Government has launched a number of government schemes. Assam's Chief Minister, Shri Hemanta Biswa Sharma, launched the Amrit Brikshya Andolan to plant 1 crore trees in the state of Assam.

Self-help groups, ASHA, Educational Institutions, Village Defence Parties, Anganwadi Workers, Tea Garden Workers, and Individuals will plant these seedlings as Commercial Trees. 

It offers Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) aid of Rs. 100 for Planting, uploading, and uploading the image for Assam Amrit Brikha Andolan. The state government will provide Rs. 200 for Survival in the Third Year. On the Amrit Brikha Andolan Portal and Amrit Brikha Registration, you can register for Assam Amrit Brikshya.

Process of registration that is seamless

By downloading the Amrit Brikshya Andolan App, you can embark on a fun and impactful journey to help protect the environment. This ambitious plantation movement can be joined with just a few taps and become a reality. With the user-friendly interface, people from all backgrounds are able to easily sign in and actively contribute to the cause without being limited by their generation.

Interactive Map

In particular, the interactive map of the plantation development is one of the app's standout features. The map becomes more and more detailed as saplings are planted across Assam, bringing to life the growing inexperienced cowl across the province. Not only does this function provide transparency, but it also fosters a sense of teamwork among members, demonstrating their collective impact.

Share and update event information

All things related to the Amrit Brikshya Andolan App Download APK. It ensures users can have real-time access to plantation activities, allowing them to actively contribute and witness transformations in real-time. Customers can also share their planting stories through the app, helping to foster a virtual network of eco-conscious people.

Direct Beneficiary Transfer:

A financial grant of Rupees 100 will be given to participants who plant seeds and upload their images along with geolocations and timestamps. A second grant of Rupees 200 is available upon the survival of the plant. In addition to being solely responsible for caring for the tree, he/she will also be responsible for its maintenance.

Seedling Distribution:

Stocking seedlings and ensuring their safekeeping will be undertaken at district/block levels. The pre-defined collection centers will provide the participants with seedlings free of charge.

Benefits of Amrit Brikshya Andolan App Download APK

Designed to foster environmental sustainability, the Amrit Brikha Andolan App offers users an array of benefits that are bound to captivate them. A major feature of the app is its ability to engage users in environmental preservation activities and tree plantation drives. 

Users can easily locate nearby planting events and connect to other like-minded environmentalists using the app's user-friendly interface. By contributing to making a greener planet, one feels fulfilled and engaged in their community. Aside from giving real-time updates on the progress of trees planted, the app also lets users check on the progress of their trees in the field. 

Through the Amrit Brikshya Andolan App Download APK for Android, individuals can demonstrate their impact on the environment through documents such as growth rates and survival statistics. Users are able to learn more about local ecosystems and cultivate a deeper appreciation for nature's delicate balance not only as a motivational tool but also as an educational tool. 


Que: Is there an eligibility requirement for incentives?

Ans: A government incentive program is available to beneficiaries who do not receive a salary from any government department

Que: What is the best way to plant the seedling?

Ans: Fill the 30-centimeter pit with soil mixed with organic manure and dig a clean trench. As soon as the seedling is planted, the soil surrounding the plant should be pressed so that it can stand upright

Que: When the tree has reached maturity, do I need permission to feel it?

Ans: The forest department will not require you to obtain permission to harvest this tree when it reaches maturity.

Que: What is the best place to purchase seedlings?

Ans: There will be predefined points where you can collect seedlings according to category

Que: The tree I planted can be harvested after how many years?

Ans: In accordance with the species of plants you have planted, harvesting will be at a different age. You can check the time period for your species by looking at the table.

Que: What are the incentives for planting a tree?

Ans: In case you are not a government employee, you will be eligible to receive an incentive of Rs.100 for planting seedlings.

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