BeReal APK 0.64.4 Download for Android

App By:
0.64.4 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 14, 2023
12.4 MB
Required Android:
8.0 and up

Real friends for real people.

Everyone is notified simultaneously at a different time each day to take and share a photo in 2 minutes.

Find out who your friends are on a daily basis with this new and unique app. 

What is BeReal APK and how it works?

Despite being supposed to be fun, social media seems to be a source of more stress than anything else. We're all trying to be someone else instead of being our authentic selves, whether it's on Instagram or Tiktok. Using these apps, we edit photos for hours and add tons of filters in order to get a large number of likes, comments, and shares. Therefore, we feel pressured to live up to our fictional selves.

BeReal APK lets you share your true self on a regular basis with those you care about. Unlike a filtered profile or a fictional version of yourself, there are no wrong or right ways to express yourself with this app.

At a random time every day, you'll get a notification asking you to take a picture of whatever you're doing. You will also notify your friends within two minutes that you will be posting. Using your smartphone's front and back cameras simultaneously, you will post a two-image collage, and the app does not have any filters.

Don't worry about taking spectacular photos. Take them wherever you are, whether you are at the grocery store, on a walk, or just lying in bed watching TV. As a whole, it's an anti-social network that allows you to focus on the present, rather than choosing photos from your albums.

It is still possible to post later in the day if you miss the time window for posting. The top right corner of your post shows a minuscule note if you post late. In order to see other people's daily Bereal posts, you must first post your own. You can also comment on photos and react to them, but you can't like them.

You and your friends can share your daily lives in a peculiar way

It is natural to lose touch with our friends as we grow older and our responsibilities become more absorbing. The social app allows us to get to know our friends and spend a couple of seconds with them every day.

Meet your friends on their most personal level

In BeReal APK, users can find out a little more about their friends and stay in touch with them. It's a simple proposition: friends receive notifications at random times of the day asking them to share a photo.

Getting to know your friends on a personal level is a new and unique experience.

Find out what others are saying

Under the discovery tab, you will find public content. RealMojis, which are basically variations of your selfies, is what you can use to interact with other users' content. Once you've posted your BeReal for the day, you can see other users' content.

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