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Jun 06, 2023
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An innovative and controversial dating sim, Boyfriend to Death APK pushes the boundaries of traditional dating simulators. As players attempt to survive nights with a group of sadistic gentlemen in this murder sim game developed by Gurobob, Darqx, and ElectricPuke, they will embark on a thrilling and unnerving journey. Boyfriend to Death contains graphic content and dark themes, which are strictly for mature players. Our goal here is to give a thorough overview of what's new in the game, as well as explore its gameplay, features, advantages, and FAQs.


Initially, an inside joke among friends, Boyfriend to Death quickly developed into a disturbing and immersive experience. While the game is structured like a dating sim, the gentlemen reveal that they have sadistic tendencies as they navigate their relationships with other characters. Unlike conventional dating sims, this game features serious topics like rape, torture, and death. As a result, players must use caution when approaching the content of the game, as it is not intended to trigger or harm them in any way.


A visual novel with interactive gameplay, Boyfriend to Death offers a unique experience. Assume the role of the protagonist entangled in the savage activities of a gang of sadistic thugs. You will determine your survival and your relationships based on your choices and actions throughout the game. To navigate the treacherous nights ahead, it's imperative that you understand each character's desires and triggers. In order to progress and unlock multiple endings, you'll need to engage in conversation, solve puzzles, and make strategic decisions.

Features of Boyfriend To Death APK

Themes of darkness and distress

The movie Boyfriend to Death explores the darkness of human nature through the unsettling subject matter. Players seeking an unconventional narrative will find this game genuinely unique and chilling.

Endings with multiple outcomes

Players can shape their relationships through choices within the game's branching storyline. Playing the game more than once enhances replayability, and reveals new facts with every playthrough.

Soundtrack and visuals that are immersive

A haunting soundtrack and atmospheric graphics immerse players in the game's eerie world, creating a chilling experience.


  • In contrast to traditional dating sims, Boyfriend to Death fuses horror, suspense, and romance in a unique way.
  • Depth in storytelling: In addition to exploring the darker aspects of relationships, the game delves into the complexity of human nature.
  • Players can explore the characters and narrative of Boyfriend to Death in new ways with multiple storylines and endings to uncover.


Que. Is Boyfriend to Death suitable for all players?

Ans. No, The game contains explicit content, including themes of rape, torture, and death. It is strictly intended for mature players aged 18 and above.

Que. Is the game meant to harm or trigger players?

Ans. No, the creators of this game explicitly state that the game is not intended to harm or trigger players. It was developed for fetishists by fetishists, and players should exercise self-care and read the warning chart before downloading.

Que. Are there any alternative endings in the game?

Ans. Yes, Boyfriend to Death offers multiple endings based on the choices players make throughout the game. Exploring different paths will lead to diverse outcomes, enhancing the replayability of the game.


Players seeking a departure from conventional dating sims will find Boyfriend to Death APK extremely chilling and provocative. A dark world of sadistic relationships and harrowing choices is created through the game's twisted gameplay and dark themes. The game's explicit content should be taken into consideration before engaging. As an interactive storytelling game that challenges the boundaries of interactive storytelling, Boyfriend to Death targets a specific demographic seeking a thought-provoking, unconventional gaming experience.


The inclusion of explicit or disturbing content or themes in this article is not intended as endorsement or encouragement. As players engage in these types of games, they need to exercise discretion and take care to maintain their mental health.

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