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Camper Van APK - Make It Home 1.0 Download for android

App By:
Malapata Studio
1.0 For Android
Updated On:
Aug 02, 2023
Varies with device
Required Android:
7.0 and up

You will enjoy Camping Sims Unpacking if you like organization sims and camper vans. 

Like the Unpacking app, Camper Van: Make it Home tasks players with organizing and cozying up the main character's camper van, with the goal of turning it into a home. Using the small space players have at their disposal will require players to get creative, as shown in the teaser trailer below.

Players will not only be able to unpack their own homes, but also be able to customize their van. Our camper van's exterior space can be decorated both warm and cold in a scene in the trailer.  

About Camper Van APK

In this app, you decorate your van and create space to store all of your belongings while embarking on a journey of personal discovery.

The game combines elements of block organization puzzle games with interior design elements to create your own home space in a van. Explore our protagonist's journey step by step while decorating and organizing all his objects.

Organize your belongings in a smart way by designing the interior of your own van. You can create a comfortable environment by tailoring it to your style.

Find out all the possibilities that can be discovered by exploring the hidden corners of the van and interacting with the furniture.

Feel satisfied when you organize everything in your luggage. Experiment with the objects at random or find an ideal place where they fit perfectly. It's okay to play at your own pace, and there is no pressure.

Take a look at the interactive items in the van and let yourself be amazed. You'll be surprised at what you discover if you take your time.

Get a new van to decorate and progress on your journey. You can also design a cozy outdoor area in conjunction with the interior.

Take advantage of the van's adaptability by adapting it to your destinations. During the different stages of the journey, explore the typical landscapes of van life, such as the beach, the forest, and cliffs.

Engage in a conversation with a very special travel companion. A pet shows you a different way to love by showing you how to live the journey differently. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to pet your friend! As part of the game, you will be able to choose which fellow traveler you would like to accompany you. 

A great deal of inspiration went into Camper Van: Make it Home from games that moved us and gave us an exceptional experience through their story and game mechanics. The following titles are available:

Camper Van: Make it Home offers you a variety of rewards for supporting its development. These rewards can include physical items made by hand. Please read the descriptions of some special items and take a look at all of them.

Keep an eye on our Kickstarter page as we have limited tiers and exclusive rewards. The unexpected could happen to you at any time!

The ability to customize your vehicle

Adding furniture and decorations to your van is one of the most exciting aspects of Camper Van: Make it Home. Customize your living space to suit your needs and preferences.

Optional interior design features

There are many interior options available in the game, allowing players to design a comfortable and cozy living space. The term also refers to kitchen accessories and decorative items, as well as furniture such as sofas, beds, and tables.

Optional exterior design features

You can further personalize your vehicle with exterior design options in the Camper Van: Make it Home in addition to the interior. To customize the exterior appearance of the RV, the game includes decals, stickers, and colorful designs.

Become a traveler yourself

Players collect memorabilia from their road trips by scrapbooking, which is a key part of the game. By providing scrapbooking features, the van becomes part of the journey.

Make memories and collect them

Memorabilia such as photos, postcards, and stickers can be collected by players. Scrapbooks can be used to document their travels by placing these items in them.

Experiences should be documented

In addition to documenting and sharing travel experiences, players can also create a scrapbook. As a result, the RV plays a more significant role in the game than just its design. This provides an expanded experience for the player.

Take a look at the van's history

Players will experience a heartwarming story as they progress through Camper Van: Make it Home.

See what happens next

There are various quests that can be completed in the game, which tell an entertaining and heartfelt story. It is also possible to learn about the previous occupants of the RV by looking at the items left behind.

Corgis are great companions

Corgis are available as companions to the player on their journeys in the game. In addition to accompanying the player in the van, the dog is a loyal travel companion.


Players can explore their creative side in Camper Van: Make it Home. Various areas of the RV can be designed and organized in this game for a relaxing and satisfying experience. Players can immortalize memories and joys from their road trips through scrapbooks. Every traveler, design lover, and organization enthusiast will find Camper Van: Make it Home to be a game they will enjoy.

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