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1.1.0 For Android
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Jul 10, 2023
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6.0 and up

An epic story with angelic characters and Cherry Tale APK is the perfect combination. During the nascent stages of human history, the game takes place. It was a time when humans thought they were more powerful than Gods due to their arrogance. Gods were left with no other option than to intervene. In order to fight humans, their army was sent from heaven.

An interesting aspect of this army is that it consists of beautiful angels. You will observe a tactical battle between fallen angels and humans here. As the army of angels begins to defeat the humans, the humans are defeated. The humans were gradually conquered by them. Gods were still in favor of humans at that time, so they provided assistance. But humans will only be able to intervene if they abandon their mad magic made by themselves. Humanity regains its presence in the war thanks to the intervention of the gods.

Humanity defeated the evil angel's army through the power and magic of the gods. A barrier is created by humans around fallen military personnel. Over time, however, this seal becomes weaker. There is a resurgence of the fear of evil and the destruction of humanity. As a human descendant of the lead magician, you will be playing the role of that descendant. In this new role, you will be responsible for choosing the mages who will protect humanity. The battlefield will now be contested by your chosen ones.


This card strategy game is based on the story of Cherry Tale APK. Your main goal as a leader is to gather all the talented magicians from all over the world to a single location, and then bring them to the battlefield in the proper manner and at the right time. If you arrange your black and white squares intelligently on a chessboard, you will have a better chance of winning.

Mage skills, spells, and moves differ from one another. Your turn as a mage will include automatic attacks that crush dark angels' magic. Based on the classic counter principle, the moves will decide whether the player wins or loses. Cherry Tale shouldn't be too difficult for you if you've had turn-based tactical combat experience in similar games. It doesn't take much thinking, logical thinking, to gain the upper hand over the characters on the battlefield.

Cherry Tale, however, is not inherently about the battles, but rather about the relationships between the sorceresses.

Characters with beautiful and hot females

Fairy tales and magic are the setting for Cherry Tale APK. Due to this, this game features characters from fairy tales as its main characters. A nautical Captain Hook meets a Red Riding Hood version but with a sweeter touch. White skin is revealed by their colorful costumes. It is popular with players because of the beauty and courage of the female warriors in this game.

Visually pleasing

The majority of the H-games developed by Erolabs feature anime graphics. There are similarities between Cherry Tale and the movie. High-quality images that are extremely eye-catching. There is a sense of vividness and realism in the graphics.

In the hands of graphic artists, each character emerges hot and vibrant. This game will capture your heart from the first moment you play it. There is no doubt that these games are perfect due to their mysterious magical world, colorful spells, and high-quality combat.

A variety of game modes 

Playstyles and preferences can be accommodated with Cherry Tale's various game modes. There are several exciting game modes to choose from:

Story Mode

Follow the protagonist's journey through an enchanting world as you embark on a thrilling adventure with Cherry Tale APK. Uncover the mysteries of the game through a captivating storyline and intriguing characters.

Exploration Mode

Explore Mode is perfect for those who love uncovering secrets and finding hidden treasures. Find hidden paths, collectibles, and unlockable content while roaming freely through a vast and intricately designed landscape.

Puzzle Mode

With Puzzle Mode, you'll learn how to solve problems. Experience brain-teasers requiring logical reasoning, creativity, and quick reflexes. Your achievements will be rewarded as you advance through increasingly difficult levels.

Multiplayer Mode

Taking part in the Multiplayer Mode provides an opportunity to communicate with friends or other players around the world. This game incorporates cooperative gameplay, teamwork to overcome challenges, and competitive multiplayer battles for a social and competitive experience.

Endless Mode

Try the Endless Mode to find out how resilient you are. As you strive for high scores and climb the leaderboards, you'll encounter waves of enemies that become increasingly difficult. There is endless fun to be had in this mode, and you will be able to challenge yourself to reach new goals.

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