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Jul 05, 2023
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During the Holy Week of Seville, players will experience a vibrant atmosphere with Chicotaz APK. The story takes place on the narrow streets of the city where you are responsible for guiding a float, or Paso. In this mission, you must ensure your brotherhood's float passes without colliding with crowds, walls, trees, or anything else while adhering to strict deadlines. You're in for a thrilling ride filled with excitement and challenges!


Assume the role of a procession foreman in Chicotaz, set against the backdrop of Seville's Holy Week. The ancient city's ancient streets are filled with beautifully adorned floats that depict religious scenes. To ensure the public's safety and avoid mishaps that could mar this important event, you are responsible for navigating treacherous routes. As you navigate through Seville's urban landscape, every level will test your skills and precision.


Playing Chicotaz is unlike anything else you've ever experienced. As the float winds through bustling streets filled with spectators, the game captures the intricacies of maneuvering it accurately. A smooth navigation experience is ensured by the intuitive controls located at the bottom of the screen. Direct the float along a desired path using the directional arrows, and press additional buttons to pause, continue, or stop it. In this game, players are able to experience an authentic sense of what life is like as a taskmaster during Seville's Holy Week due to the game's detailed visuals and realistic mechanics.

Chicotaz APK features:

Itineraries and floats of different types

Six unique floats are available at Chicotaz, each based on their real-life counterparts in Seville. Every detail is faithfully recreated, from intricate statues to intricate candelabras. Aside from ten different routes, the game also features new streets and more challenging steps as you progress through the game. Explore Seville's iconic locations as you immerse yourself in Holy Week's rich tapestry.

The ambiance that captures the attention

Chicotaz APK creates a virtual world that is unmatched in terms of ambiance. In spite of the game's lack of impressive visuals, it compensates with a quality soundtrack and an authoritative voice. Authenticity is enhanced by the immersive audio elements.

Experience a cultural difference

In the game, players can experience Seville's cultural heritage and traditions during Holy Week. Your appreciation for this significant event deepens as you assume the role of a taskmaster.

Mechanics that make the game feel realistic

A float can be difficult to maneuver through crowded streets due to the complex controls and realistic physics in the game. Players can experience the taskmaster's responsibilities through this authentic and engaging experience.


During Seville's Holy Week, Chicotaz APK transports players to an unmatched gaming experience. You will have to navigate beautifully designed floats through the city's narrow streets while avoiding obstacles and adhering to strict time limits as you assume the role of the taskmaster. Chicotaz offers a unique mix of entertainment and cultural immersion through its realistic mechanics, diverse floats, and itineraries. Enjoy a remarkable journey through Seville's Holy Week traditions when you download the APK today.

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