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Conquista La Chica Indomable APK 1.0.5 Download for android

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1.0.5 For Android
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Jul 04, 2023
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Required Android:
6.0 and up

Gameplay in Conquer Wild Girl consists of simulations. The goal of this trivia game is to make pretty girls happy by selecting one of two options!

Be careful, because the bad ending could be yours if you choose the wrong path! The game is entirely free, and you can record it while you play it or stream it while you play it. Have a good day!

A very simple game style is used in the game. Take a moment to reflect on the questions that are closest to your heart. Make sure you answered the question correctly by choosing your answers. Are you capable of conquering the girl?

You can find out whether you really can pick up the girl of your dreams for free by downloading Pick Up The Wild Girl.

About Conquista La Chica Indomable APK

It is a 2D Japanese psychological horror game for Android. To keep these creepy girls happy and prevent them from killing anyone, we must make the best decisions.

Having an unpleasant experience

There is not much complexity to Conquista La Chica Indomable APK's gameplay dynamics. A story can be divided into several chapters. We will be given two options following the narration of each chapter. A terrifying ending with catastrophic consequences can only be reached with one of them, while the other leads us to an ending that lets us progress through the story.

In the app, you will find girls who are based on Japanese legends and supernatural creatures found in popular culture. It is up to us to give attention and understanding to ghosts, yokai, and other monsters in this game.

Beautiful girls can have two options, but the results are very different!

In spite of its seemingly simple proposition and melancholic soundtrack, this game manages to bring something distinctive to the genre. As an added bonus, you can play everything from Win Over The Flawed Girl for free.

Two options for a simple test

Choosing between two options will make pretty girls happy in this trivia game! Choosing the wrong outcome will lead to a bad ending (monsters, spooks, ghosts)!

We offer free answers to all questions!

The game can also be streamed or recorded while playing!

Playing instructions?

  • Take a moment to review the questions
  • You can choose what you want!
  • The next question will be presented if you answered correctly

Various situations

  • She has a mouth full of words
  • Girl in the giant costume
  • In the corner, there was a ghost
  • The bathroom ghost Hanako, etc.
  • Under GDPR/CCPA, EU/California users may opt-out.
  • During app startup or in the settings, you will see a pop-up window asking you to reply.
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