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Disney Speedstorm APK 1.2.0g Download for android

App By:
Gameloft SE
1.2.0g For Android
Updated On:
Aug 05, 2023
2.45 GB
Required Android:
9.0 and up

The adrenaline-pumping action of combat racing meets the beloved magic of Disney and Pixar in Disney Speedstorm. There is no other mobile game like this one when it comes to arcade racing. In this high-speed racer inspired by Disney and Pixar characters, players will be able to choose from Sulley, Beast, Mickey Mouse, Mulan, Baloo, Captain Jack Sparrow, and others. Players can strategize and adapt their gameplay based on the abilities of each character, which can affect the outcome of races.

Players of all levels will be able to enjoy Disney Speedstorm because the gameplay is accessible to everyone. To dominate each race, you must master nitro boost timing, drift around corners with precision, and adapt to dynamic track environments. With its action-packed mechanics and hero-based gameplay, players will find this game engaging and engaging.

Disney Speedstorm APK incorporates hero-based combat racing into one of its most notable features. There are a number of unique abilities that each character can use when racing in the game. You could race as Sulley from Monsters, Inc. and use his powerful roar to scare other racers away, or you could control Mulan and use her martial arts skills to knock them off. Races become more exciting with these abilities, as well as allowing you to strategically influence the outcome.

Several high-speed circuits inspired by Disney and Pixar worlds are available alongside the impressive lineup of characters in Disney Speedstorm. Every track is beautifully designed and filled with details that will make Disney or Pixar fans feel right at home, whether they are racing through the colorful streets of Agrabah or zooming through the futuristic cityscape of Zootopia.

Disney Speedstorm lets you upgrade the stats of each racer to enhance your gameplay experience. With progression through the game, you will be able to increase your character's speed, acceleration, handling, and more. Additionally, by allocating your resources according to your preferences, you will be able to create a winning combination.

Features of Disney Speedstorm APK

Characters with amazing abilities

Each of the racers is based on a character from a popular franchise. A few tasks and matches in the game also use their special skills.

The following tracks are breath-taking

There are not many easy tracks in this game, which makes it more challenging and competitive. There will be one racer who puts everything into this race regardless of the cost.

A racing suit looks like this

Performing well in various modes can unlock these racing suits for your character. As a result, the racer will be able to convey more charm in these suits.

Skills beyond compare

There will be a lot of special skills and abilities in the show that are driven by the mixture of Disney and Pixar characters. It will be as if Mulan and Sulley are performing an epic roar and a firework display on the racing track.

More Rewards

At the end of every race, the winners receive rewards. Additionally, some modes offer free characters, suits, cars, points, etc., to players.


There is no racing game that would be complete without speed boosts that propel the vehicle forward. It is this short advantage that allows racers to gain more speed and sometimes even knock out others.

Creating a custom application

Customization is available for the players with incredible looks and displays for their racers. Anything can be customized quickly and smoothly using the customization tools.

Single-Player Mode

A single character can only be used in the Starter Circuit single-player mode. One racer is kept at a time in different chapters. A tutorial version with fewer events is also given to this character, whether it's Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. If this character fulfills a certain task, a prize will be offered. As well as competing against other online players, a player can get this reward at the other end as well.

Players can choose from any Disney character in the single-player mode or the Starter Mode, such as Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Hercules, Donald Duck, Mulan, Jack Sparrow, etc. However, winning against other players and pushing hard on the leaderboard will be the best reward you can receive.

Multi-player Mode

The multiplayer mode requires more points in this rank version. Players will not only benefit from this because they will gain rewards but racers will as well. In contrast, all racers will have their own weekly rewards, which will be updated on a weekly basis. In addition, this mode features private races on epic tracks. A player can invite other online players to create a custom match.

Additionally, the game offers an offline mode called Local Freeplay. Split-screen racing allows players to compete against each other. There will be a maximum of four players in the game. There will be a lot of entertainment for players with bad internet connections with this game. Therefore, common friends can compete without being disturbed by strangers in this mode.

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