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FNL v10 For Android
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Jul 07, 2023
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5.0 and up

Today, an internet connection that is secure and reliable is essential for success in the digital age. The use of SSH (Secure Shell) clients ensures that connections between devices and servers are secure and encrypted, especially among technical users. SSH clients are numerous, but FNL TUNNEL stands out due to its powerful capabilities, including support for the UDP protocol and a multitude of other features.


Using the User Datagram Protocol (UDP), FNL TUNNEL is an advanced SSH client. Data is transmitted over the internet efficiently using UDP, a transport layer protocol. With FNL TUNNEL, you can establish secure connections to your desired server by combining the benefits of SSH and UDP.

Features of This app

SSH Capabilities

Secure shell capabilities are among FNL TUNNEL's best features, enabling users to connect securely to remote servers, exchange files, and execute commands with confidence. SSH ensures that all data exchanged between the client and the server is encrypted, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information.

UDP Protocol Support

A major difference between FNL TUNNEL and traditional SSH clients is the support for UDP that it offers instead of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). Online gaming, streaming, and VoIP (Voice over IP) are applications using UDP that require time-sensitive responses. FNL TUNNEL enhances both performance and security for these types of applications by incorporating UDP.

Advanced Tricks

To optimize the performance of their connections, FNL TUNNEL offers users a variety of advanced tricks. The techniques included here include DNS tunneling, SSL tunneling, and more. Bypassing network restrictions, getting access to blocked content, and improving browsing performance are just some of the benefits users can get from such features.


You can easily use FNL TUNNEL from your Android device. To get started, simply follow these steps:

Download and Install

From a reputable source, download the APK file. The Android application can be downloaded and installed after it is downloaded.

Launch the App

Launch FNL TUNNEL by tapping its icon on the home screen or app drawer.

Setting up the configuration

You can configure the settings upon launching the application according to your preferences. The details of your SSH connection, including the server address, the port number, the username, and the password, need to be entered.

Connect the two parties

When you are finished configuring the settings, press "Connect" to begin the SSH connection. An encrypted connection is established between FNL TUNNEL and the server of your choice.

Stay connected in a secure manner

FNL TUNNEL provides enhanced security in addition to excellent browsing, accessing remote servers, and accessing remote files over the internet.


With a multitude of advanced features and an integrated UDP protocol, FNL TUNNEL APK sets itself apart from other SSH clients. With FNL TUNNEL's support for UDP, time-sensitive applications can benefit from secure, efficient connections. Users can access blocked content with the help of additional tricks and features. It provides you with secure and reliable connections while taking advantage of UDP and advanced tunneling technologies, regardless of whether you are a seasoned or novice user of SSH clients.

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