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Gringo XP
56 For Android
Updated On:
Apr 26, 2023
67.3 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up

The Garena Free Fire is a game that fresh gamers cannot play yet, as they lack the skills and stamina to play. The FF heroes' looks & powers cannot be revised since they lack enough in-game items. All their shortcomings can be overcome, however, in the simplest way.

The Gringo XP allows you to access rare resources such as aim skills, ESPs, weapons, vehicles, and speeds & jumps for your avatars. All cheats in the game are available via a floating mod menu in the mod menu of the game. Cheats can be activated and deactivated during the game at any time. With this FF Mod Menu, you can easily edit your profile.

About Gringo XP 56 APK

It is a great Android app that unlocks all locked items without charging users any money. Additionally to unlocking premium features, the app also provides some tips and tricks rarely found in other mod menus. There are several taps needed to inject and deactivate every feature of this app. There have been many benefits to using this app and many players are quite satisfied with its results.

In some ways, the app provides security for players by providing modern anti-ban features. It is easy to get the game's winning title after installing this app, and players can feel proud of their choice. With Gringo XP, you can activate and deactivate its most exceptional features in seconds, blowing the minds of your enemies.

To make sure that everyone can use the app without having any difficulties, the app is designed to be as simple as possible without unnecessary complications. It is undeniable that players can achieve unimaginable feats on the battlefield through the help of this app.

Features of Gringo XP 56 APK

  • Auto Fire.
  • Driving Skill.
  • Flying Hacks.
  • Swap Weapons.
  • Drone Camera.
  • Aimbot.
  • Auto Headshot.
  • ESP Name.
  • Ghost Hacks.

  • Medkit.
  • Wallhack.
  • Player Speeds.
  • Running Skills.
  • Jumping Skills.
  • Much More.

Why should you use Gringo XP?

With Gringo XP's great app, players will always be able to knock out their competitors regardless of the game format and how good they are, using its good features.

Aimbot Menu

By using the powerful features of this menu, players will be able to hit their targets more accurately. Players no longer have to worry about wasting bullets when shooting their enemies. Among the other features included under this menu are aim shot, aim lock, fix recoil, and aimbot in Sohel Injector.

Esp Menu

Extrasensory perception allows players to see through walls and terrain, allowing them to achieve unimaginable things in the near future. A number of esp tricks are included in the esp trick, including esp crosshairs, esp lines, etc.

Skin Bundles

The skin bundles can be unlocked by players without paying anything. Dress 999 is included in these skin bundles along with VIP Dress V1.

Emotes menu

Gringo XP 56 APK is the ideal choice for those looking to unlock various small animations (emotes). You can find push-ups, seasons 1, 2, rears, flags, and other similar items under this menu.

Antenna head

With this app, enemies' heads will have antenna heads attached to them so they can be located effortlessly.


As a result of the Gringo XP injector, players will be protected from bullets, bombs, and enemy attacks by a strong protective shield called goodwill.


It makes searching for items in the game easier using this app, as it identifies all the game items' locations.

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