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5.5 For Android
Updated On:
Jul 22, 2023
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5.1 and up
Music And Audio

An online Chinese plucking zither called Guzheng Master. A real virtual pro music instrument right in your pocket is Guzheng Master APK, the indispensable application for professional Guzheng players. The guitar riffs, tabs, and chords are available anywhere, anytime, so no need to carry an instrument around.

Guzheng - what is it?

Plucking the Guzheng is similar to playing the zither. Its history dates back more than 2500 years, and it originates in China. Guzheng strings are divided into 23 types, 25 types, 12 types, and 13 types. There is a slight difference in the number of strings and the design of strings in each locality.

Among all the ancient Chinese lutes, only the Guzheng, which originated during the Warring States period, retains the traditional elegance of its roots. Chinese culture is represented by this traditional musical instrument, which is loved and studied by people of all ages.

Ancient lutes are related to strings and plucked limbs in terms of origin. If you learn to play, you will have to pluck the strings with both your fingers (real or fake) as well as stroke the strings to produce sounds. To create melodies that go straight to people's hearts, players must practice proficient and flexible hand manipulation, along with synchronized rhythms of both hands. To play the Guzheng well, you must have a thorough understanding of the instrument as well as be dedicated and hardworking. The Guzheng can be played solo, in ensembles, as vocal accompaniment, or in combination with many popular genres of music of the present.

Guzheng Master APK features included:

  • With 21 strings, the guzheng has full stringing
  • Right-Hand Techniques: Plucking, Glissing, Tremolo (Shake/Shake), Overtone Playing
  • Left-Hand Techniques: Pitch Slide, Small Viblitos, Big Viblitos, Tap Pitch (Dian Yin - Tap Pitch).
  • For easy learning, use the lessons mode
  • To practice music, play these games
  • Playback of audio can be recorded
  • Music songbooks contain over 650,000 songs

  • When a touch moves horizontally on a string, play the "Shake" technique automatically.
  • Sliding and multitouch are supported
  • Easily scroll and zoom with drag / pinch gestures on the Pitch Slider Bar of the Guzheng View
  • After plucking the string, tap the pitch slider to hear the "Dian Yin" sound effect.

A detailed description of Guzheng Master's lessons

Master Guzheng teaches the most popular kind of classical instrument, the 21-stringed full-string zither, to you.

Using the app, you can learn theoretical lessons on a variety of levels. For players to grasp and master these lessons quickly, they are divided into separate topics. The Right-Hand Techniques such as Pick, Gliss, Tremolo, and Overtone, the Left-Hand Techniques such as Pitch, slide, small vibration, large vibration, and tap pitch, and how to combine these techniques from slow to fast speed and how to add the necessary reverb.

In addition, Guzheng Master APK offers a range of music lessons that you can take according to your schedule so that you can practice every day. Any exercise can be chosen and adjusted according to your level and preferred style.

Apart from simple exercises, Guzheng Master offers a number of music games. By playing these games, you can quickly learn and practice basic habits as well as advanced reflexes.

One app for all your Guzheng needs

As soon as you've practiced the app's initial exercises, you can start searching through Guzheng Master's music books, which contain over 650,000 songs. You will discover different melodies, rhythms, and styles with each song's demo, accompanied by notes.

During practice lessons or when selecting songs in the app, you can listen to your recordings to hear how you play. You can then self-adjust your learning style for faster progress.

Players can also simulate zither movements on their mobile phones using Guzheng Master's multi-touch and swipe features. Guzheng Master lets you control your phone like a classical guitar, enabling you to show off your plucking skills wherever you go.

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