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Lovely Plants APK 1.3 Download for Android

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1.3 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 13, 2023
22 MB
Required Android:
5.1 and up

It's now possible to earn money from your hobby, simulating your interest in plants. The simple act of growing crops can earn you money.

As a method of withdrawal, Lovely Plants offers the option to use a PayPal e-wallet, GCash, or credit card top-ups.

Playing this money-making game is an excellent alternative to staying at home, without a job, and without an income.

Lovely Plants APK might also offer you the chance to earn money. To grow your plants and fruit, there are several steps involved: planting the seeds, watering them to grow, and fertilizing them to make them healthier and produce more fruit. The process of growing taller and greener plants can be fun. 

Lovely Plants lets you play this hobby while your plant gives you rewards through its fruit production. There is money to be made by growing plants.

It offers rewards in several ways. Planting seeds and hydrating them with enough water is the first step. To earn points, you can pick fruits that sprout from your seed. You can increase the yield of your plant by fertilizing it. You will need to water and fertilize your plant repeatedly until it is big enough to sell.

Besides the graphics and gameplay, the storyline is excellent, as well. In addition to the character quality, the sound quality is fantastic as well. My match is constantly freezing and I am kicked out of it.

In Lovely Plants APK, how can you earn money?

Using this app, you can earn money in several ways. The seeds must be planted and sufficiently watered before they can germinate.

Moreover, you can collect points by picking the fruits that sprout from the seeds. You can increase the fruit production of your plants by fertilizing them.

When your plants have grown sufficiently, you can sell them after they have been watered and fertilized. Using Lovely Plants APK, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Use the invite code to join
  • Engaging in games
  • A new mission has been assigned
  • Share the invitation with your friends

How to Withdraw

As soon as you complete some tasks in the application, you can try making withdrawals in order to get profits.

We are only able to process withdrawals through Paypal at this time. For that, you must first have an e-wallet account with PayPal.

Lovely Plants APK has the following features for withdrawing:

  • The first thing you need to do is open the Lovely Plants app
  • From the top menu, select Wallet
  • You can select the amount of withdrawal you would like
  • Pay with a PayPal email address by entering the payment information
  • Once you have followed the withdrawal instructions, confirm your withdrawal
  • You can get up to hundreds of thousands of rupiah in free Paypal balances with this money-making app. It is my hope that it will be helpful.

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