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0.2.0 For Android
Updated On:
Aug 14, 2023
864 MB
Required Android:
8.0 and up

The first game within the Metaverse and the first game in the Matr1x platform, Matr1x FIRE APK is the first mobile shooting game. A cyberpunk world offers you a combination of classic and innovative 5V5 shooting battles.

In addition, you'll be able to combat to win NFTs, PFPs, Gloves, and other assets such as avatars, weapons, and props with great appreciation potential. If you want to create your own NFT, you can join Matr1x Alliance!

A billion shooting game players will have access to the Metaverse with MATR1X FIRE! Make Individual Digital Sovereignty yours by taking out your firearms!

Playing can be interesting in many ways

Adventurers can play competitive matches, multiplayer PVP casual modes, and 60+ battle royale battles with their friends in exciting PVP game modes. A group of 100 people plays together.

It is possible to collect and trade a wide variety of items

There are no in-game items that can be purchased for money. In addition to guns and weapon skins, you can also collect favorite characters, lands, and social assets such as frames and PFPS. There is an option to buy and sell these items. In the market, they are freely traded.

You can play anytime and anywhere with your mobile device

Mobile gamers can play the game on their mobile devices. With Matr1x FIRE APK, you can enjoy a seamless gaming experience as well as top-notch combat and shooting capabilities.

Worlds are infinite, but games are finite

You will embark on a journey of civilizations as you explore the Matr1x universe: "Cyber Earth - Mars Immigrant - Interstellar Expedition". In this game, players have the opportunity to explore cyberpunk worlds, adventures following legendary heroes, and even multiverses that differ from one another. It is in 2061 that the Matr1x FIRE story begins on Cyber Earth. In the game, players compete head-to-head in PVP matches in order to select the first series of Matr1x legends.

Leagues competing at the highest level

Matr1x FIRE will have competitive matches, offline tournaments, professional tournaments, and other tournaments to demonstrate the bravery and wisdom of adventurers. Defend honor together!

Amazing Features of Matr1x FIRE APK

The classic formula for fps

Featuring classic sci-fi FPS multiplayer gameplay, weapons with realistic recoil feedback, and an immersive environment!

NFT assets

In-game assets such as weapon skins, gloves, knives, and other items are NFTs, which are owned by players and can be traded and earned in the game.

A variety of modes for the game

There is a variety of game modes available, from classic competitive to casual to battle royale and, for the more skilled, we also offer tournaments.

The principles of fair play

An anti-cheat solution that we have developed in-house demonstrates our zero tolerance for cheating!

Creativity without bounds

With the creator economy, we have a lot of user-generated content (skins, maps, dungeons, gameplays, etc.) for our community to enjoy

A variety of skin collections

Different weapons and avatars can be customized with a wide selection of unique game prop skins.

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