Ngidol 48 APK

Ngidol 48 APK 4.22.41 Download for android

App By:
Arira Studio
4.22.41 For Android
Updated On:
Jul 10, 2023
12 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up

Mobile gaming enthusiasts are no exception to the trend of playing simulation games. Ngidol 48 lets players manage a virtual K-Pop group in this highly popular game. In Ngidol 48, players nurture and guide their idol group toward stardom with the help of a dedicated team of game developers.

What is Ngidol 48 APK?

In NGIDOL 48, you get to play as a K-Pop idol group in a mobile simulation game. The game introduces players to the renowned Japanese idol group AKB48 through the means of a virtual idol group. In the game, players become K-Pop group managers responsible for their group's success and development.


In Ngidol 48 APK, players are tasked with managing their idol group by completing numerous tasks. Players cultivate members' talents and help them rise to stardom by recruiting and training them. The duties of a manager include creating and releasing music, organizing performances, and handling daily activities.

The training system plays a significant role in the gameplay. Each member of the team must identify and develop their strengths and weaknesses as well as their singing, dancing, and acting skills. As a result, they can form a harmonious team with a variety of skills. A variety of customization options allows players to create visually appealing groups by customizing idols' appearances, from hairstyles to outfits and accessories.

Ngidol 48 APK Features:

JKT48 Information Update

Follow JKT48 to stay updated with the latest news and updates. Directly from the official JKT48 channel, you'll be able to access exclusive information and announcements.

Organize handshakes and videoconferences

Become aware of upcoming events like handshakes and video calls. This interactive experience is a great way to engage with fans and plan your group's participation.

Meeting & Greet schedule

JKT48 meets and greet events are listed here. Prepare a personalized experience for fans by involving their idols in the event.


Subscribe to the official JKT48 channel to receive notifications whenever there are updates or announcements. Don't miss an important event by staying on top of the group's activities.

Lyrics and setlist for the album

Get access to an extensive collection of JKT48 songs, such as setlists, albums, and lyrics. Listen to their music at your fingertips and explore their musical repertoire.

Social media and information about members

See detailed profiles of JKT48 members, including their social media accounts and fan bases. Engage with the group on a variety of platforms and get to know the members.

Showroom in live mode

The Ngidol 48 application allows you to watch live showrooms directly. As JKT48 performs and engages with its fans, you will be swept up in its vibrant and interactive world.


Those who dream of managing their own idol group will find Ngidol 48 a captivating simulation experience. This game offers a unique opportunity to enter the world of K-Pop and guide your team to success with its immersive gameplay, comprehensive features, and focus on nurturing talent. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey towards K-Pop stardom as you dive into the world of Ngidol 48 APK.

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