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App By:
Lady Wizard
1.4.3 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 14, 2023
48.3 MB
Required Android:
4.1 and up

The story is about "taboos" made by them. Can they escape the guilt that brings them bad luck? It is a time-slip version of Grimm's Rapunzel with a Grimm's fairy tale twist! "Thunder" is the keyword here. Where did they go? Fingers and eyes are the best tools to discover the truth! 

The wife of a married couple had a baby. One day, the pregnant woman couldn't eat anything else except rampion, which the witch grew in her garden. So instead of letting her eat the rampion, the witch decided to give her a newborn baby.

Our taboo - the story of guilt. This is the tale of a couple who are estranged from one another.

The only life we have ever known

In our relationship, names mean nothing. We don't have parents. We have survived drinking rainwater and sharing/eating tree roots since we were little. For survival, we disguised ourselves in the darkness of the night. In this fertile land, we got a job and our lives became stable, so we became husbands and wives.

As I struggled with morning sickness, a fresh rampion planted in the huge garden next door caught my attention. Since then, I have been unable to eat anything else, became thin, and became ill. If I cannot eat anything else for a while like this, I will die and leave Hans alone. I would love to eat that rampion. Please, Hans, let me eat it...


As my mother combs my hair and does my hair every day, she told me to cherish my hair, and I grow my hair very long as a result. I can hear her. I wound my braids around the window hook, and let the rest of my hair fall outside. I wait for a while mother climbs up the tower by my hair and comes into my room. According to her, I live on top of a very tall tower, and this is how she can access this room. She cannot enter this tower without my consent. This is the first time I've left this place...

A recommendation is made for those who are

  • Has a fondness for myths
  • Has a soft spot for fairy tales 
  • Can't play games because of lack of time 
  • Games that are simple and easy to play
  • Gamer who enjoys Japanese games

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