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Stumble Guys 0.48 APK 0.48 Download for android

App By:
Kitka Games
0.48 For Android
Updated On:
Mar 22, 2024
197.8 MB
Required Android:
5.1 and up

You won't want to miss this incredible knockout battle royale from Stumble Guys 0.48 APK. It features a multiplayer mode that lets you play against your friends until the winner emerges. During one round of the game, about thirty-two players will compete online against each other.

Getting up after a fall, starting over, and running again is key! Connect with your friends and fellow online community members! In this challenging game, you will have to make your way through a series of levels full of escalating chaos. Now that you are a part of this game, there is no stopping you. Take home the bragging rights and impress your friends with your success. 

Get ready to face bizarre obstacles and ludicrous challenges in this game. Defeat your opponents and overcome all obstacles with every step until you reach victory. Through its colorful and crazy software design, this game lets you run, dash, and slide past opponents.

What are you waiting for? Are you ready to lose or win? Enjoy this fun knockout game at Stumble Guys and be a part of the fun. There are many different levels to play in this game with tons of hilarious fall simulations to keep you entertained.

Make sure you knock out all your enemies; do not fall. The greatest champion will be crowned!

An amusing gameplay

This game is a knockout game played in real time. Throughout the levels, you will face challenges from several players around the world. This is a battle royale game with over 30 players, and one player is the winner. Rather than being a racing game, this is more like a multiplayer one.

In the same way that Annelids and Fall Guys are familiar to you, Stumble Guys will be familiar to you as well. Due to its lack of a storyline, this game is not only free but enjoyable as well. During the game, you will only need to win against other players and run to the finish line.

Battle Royale games are also inspired by this game. It is here that you will interact with other players. In this game, you won't be fighting. Traps and obstacles will be encountered as you progress

A map system has been provided in the game to help you navigate the dangerous places where traps and obstacles are placed. These obstacles can restrict your progress, hence the need for a map system. Stumble Guys 0.48 APK uses a map system to help you win races.

Your map location will be automatically selected at the beginning of the game; however, you can choose to change it later. It is possible that you may lose your chance to win in the event of an accident that results in a restart of your face.

What game has to offer

This game comes with the following exciting features;

Controls are simple and intuitive

The game allows you to control your characters easily. During gameplay, you can control the characters and your movement using two icons.

You must be careful when jumping to avoid exceeding your target or jumping too much with right-hand control. The left-hand control moves you downwards, meaning jumping over an obstacle.

Using the left-hand control in the game allows you to move around. Using your touch screen device, you can move your hands around these icons to control them.

The ability to customize

For a more personalized appearance, Stumble Guys APK offers a collection of appearance fittings. Depending on your personal preferences, you can completely change the appearance of your character. You can customize the look and hairstyle by choosing hats, hairstyles, and outfits. As a result, they are easy to customize because they are in good shape.

Several multiplayer game modes are available

The games include a multiplayer game mode to make them more fun and exciting. Communication and interaction among players will make the game more interactive.

Additionally, players can play alone against AI and compete for victory.

It looks great and sounds great

Featuring 3D graphics, this game's characters are realistic and relatable thanks to their high level of professionalism. Stumble Guys, however, offer a premium sound effect that perfectly suits the gameplay. You can open skins with the game.

How to play

The game can be started by pressing the Play button. It is random who will be chosen as your character.

Only 16 players will qualify for the next level of the game, which involves 32 players. The clock is ticking and you must sprint as fast as you can.

The first round will lead to the next level once you pass. There will be an increase in difficulty, of course. Due to the slipped playground, the player is unable to move actively forward despite the fewer obstacles in the second round.

Survivors are reduced by half following the first round. One winner will be selected from the remaining candidates during the final round.


The 0.48 update of this game adds friends lists, a new Stumble Pass for January, as well as new emotes, animations, and footsteps for 2023.

The game has been updated with new 2023 stumblers. It features a wide selection of paid and free outfits and avatars! In addition to bug fixes, several improvements are included in the update.

Stumble Guys 0.48 APK includes new content such as:

  • There is now a Friends List feature! Game friends can be added
  • This month's Stumble Pass has been updated
  • New 2023 stumblers, emoticons, animations, and footsteps
  • There are Hot Wheels cars racing on this Hot Wheels map!
  • Create your own party! With friends, you can create your own party.
  • The software has been improved and fixed bugs


This game has gained a lot of traction due to its colorful backgrounds, diverse challenges, funny characters, and obstacles. The game has inherited and developed many interesting elements from Fall Guys - even though it has the same error as the original. This is a fun action game that will provide great entertainment for you and your family and friends.

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