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Kiss My Apps
1.0.0 For Android
Updated On:
May 11, 2023
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Required Android:
3.0 and up

A count of how many people died while you watched is displayed when the app is open

It is estimated that 1.8 people die every second. Consequently, somewhere on the planet, someone ends their life every 0.55 seconds.

A visual representation of that reality can be found in this app. Spend some time staring at the numbers and thinking about them. It seems that someone leaves every time the numbers change. Also, when the app is paused/dismissed, the countdown stops, but when reopened, it comes back to the same number. The number of passes is displayed on the screen as you watch it.

In contemplating these numbers, you may even ask yourself:

What is the purpose of life?

In philosophy and spiritual terms, the meaning of life relates to the significance of living or existence in general. As well as "What will I do?" it can be expressed in many different ways: "Why am I here?", "Why is everyone here?", "What is the purpose of life?" or even "Does life exist at all?" Possibly we will never know. Throughout history, much has been written about it from philosophical, scientific, and theological perspectives. Answers to these questions have been proposed from a variety of cultural and ideological perspectives.

Symbolic meaning, ontology, value, purpose, ethics, good and evil, free will, the existence of one or more gods, conceptions of God, the soul, and the afterlife all play a role in the meaning of life, which is influenced by philosophical and religious concepts of existence, social ties, consciousness, and happiness, as well as many other concepts. In science, contributions are generally focused on exploring the 'how' of life in relation to related scientific facts about the universe. Well-being and a moral conception can also be studied by science and recommendations can be provided. According to humanistic approaches, the purpose of life may be correlated with the achievement of ultimate reality, a sense of oneness, or even the fear of death.

Statistically, you don't just see how many people have died, but what diseases they have died of as well. Additionally, you can determine whether they were males or females.

Adnan-SM's beautiful Timely TextView layout was used for this slightly morbid, mostly philosophical app.

In this app, you can get inspiration for how to live your life and learn how to be a better person. Having the facts in front of you should make you feel the love of life. No matter how morbid or fearful you are, I do not care. Don't let life pass you by without celebrating it with your loved ones!

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