Garten Of BanBan 3 APK

Garten Of BanBan 3 APK 1.0 download for android

1.0 For Android
Updated On:
mai 17, 2023
360.3 MB
Required Android:
8.0 and up

Garten Of BanBan 3 APK is a vibrant horror puzzle game that allows you to find out what the giant jellyfish knew about the experiment. Here players will begin their escape path, interact with cute monsters, collect clues, and escape safely.

An atmosphere filled with surprises and puzzles awaits players inside a spooky and mysterious kindergarten. The secret behind this kindergarten can only be revealed by solving various puzzles, hunting for hidden clues, and finding props. The kindergarten is full of monsters that will pop out when you least expect them, trying to stop you from progressing.

Gameplay in this game will keep you tense and excited with its horror atmosphere. Avoid being chased by monster characters by staying alert, using the items and mechanisms around you, and solving puzzles. In addition, you will have a chance to discover hidden items and collectibles in-game, unlocking additional storylines and bonuses.


This is the most recent version of the timeless horror video game franchise Garten of Banban. This game takes players on a spine-tingling exploration of Banban's Kindergarten. Meanwhile, players must fend off unexpected residents and prepare themselves for the facility's horrors while searching for their children.

There was no way of knowing how much more one could discover inside Banban's Kindergarten beyond what was initially found. The Kindergarten was built underground, as shown in the first game. It is imperative that users continue exploring the area until they locate their child. In this deadly environment, players must avoid perils lurking around every corner while navigating the terrifying landscape. Every round of the game is played with their friends present.

Prior games offered players the opportunity to make friends, but the process wasn't exactly straightforward. However, they were always unsuccessful despite giving it their all. Players will nevertheless be able to climb through the lower levels of Banban 3 Mobile's Garten institution in order to advance. New relationships and new friends will be easier to make as they have more chances of meeting new people. The Banban's Kindergarten requires players to be alert at all times and prepare to build new relationships constantly. There is always a chance to meet new people.

Features of Garten Of BanBan 3 APK

A lot of interesting aspects of Garden of Banban 3 can be discovered and experienced by players, including:

Care and planting of crops: 

Fruit trees and other crops will be planted and cared for by the players. You can harvest vegetables and fruits and use them in the preparation of delicious dishes.

Creating recipes and decorating: 

Players can decorate their dishes after collecting fruits and vegetables to create visually appealing meals.

Expanding the garden: 

The player can expand his or her garden to cultivate more plants and construct beautiful gardens.

Engage in multiplayer games: 

Social components of the game include connecting with other players, forming clubs, and participating in special events.

You can play mini-games such as: 

Aside from exciting mini-games, players can also earn money and enhance their gaming experience by playing the game.

Systems for missions: 

As a part of the game, players are given tasks to complete to improve their experience and win prizes.

A brilliant cartoon style and brilliant color palette make Garten Of BanBan 3 APK an entertaining, creative experience for gamers.

How to play

The game portrays the role of a manager for an animal garden in Garten Of BanBan 3. Building and managing a garden, nurturing animals, and accumulating money to upgrade and expand your garden will be your task.

A small garden with some basic animals will be provided to you at the beginning of the game. It is important to feed, bathe, and provide them with everything they need in order to keep them healthy and happy.

You need to build more than just animals in your garden to attract visitors, such as restaurants, gift shops, stages, and more. By earning coins and experience points from each guest that visits your garden, you will level up and unlock new features.

Besides growing plants and collecting treasures, The game offers other fun activities such as participating in competitions, events, and races.

Players can explore and experience many unique activities in Garten Of BanBan 3 APK, a garden management game that is both exciting and diverse.

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