Ivy Professional Video Editor APK

Ivy Professional Video Editor APK 1.0.4 download for android

App By:
Avcr, Inc.
1.0.4 For Android
Updated On:
juin 30, 2023
366.1 MB
Required Android:
8.0 and up

The ultimate solution to elevate your video editing skills and create stunning videos: Ivy is a remarkable video editing tool with a clean design that meets your most advanced video editing requirements. You can easily edit videos and content on Ivy whether you're a professional or an enthusiastic creator. Your creativity can be unleashed and captured with Ivy's intuitive interface and powerful features.

In addition to providing top-notch animation and visual effects, video compositing, and motion graphics, Ivy also offers a robust suite of video editing tools. Using these features will enhance your videos' visual engagement and make them more visually captivating. We provide you with the tools you need to make eye-catching intros, seamless transitions, and immersive visual effects in the app.

Ivy Professional Video Editor APK makes it easy to create captivating videos with smooth transitions. A seamless transition between scenes is possible using the software's advanced editing features. This ensures a polished final product. You can easily create professional-quality transitions for your videos by simply clicking a few buttons.

Its editing capabilities are complemented by high-quality exports, which is another benefit of Ivy. Exporting videos retains their visual integrity and sharpness so you can confidently display them on various platforms. The Ivy social media sharing feature allows you to share your masterpiece and reach a wider audience, allowing you to earn recognition and recognition.

Key Features of Ivy Professional Video Editor APK

Effects for keyframes in a variety of formats

There is a wide variety of keyframe effects available with Ivy Professional Video Editor. The animations add a professional touch to your videos, making them dynamic and engaging.

It's easy to learn and has a clean design

With Ivy, users can navigate the editing process quickly and learn the editing process easily thanks to the user-friendly interface and clean design. A seamless editing experience is assured with Ivy's intuitive layout, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced editor.

With custom graphs, transitions are smooth

For your video to look cohesive and professional, you must transition between different scenes. You can control the timing and style of transitions in Ivy Professional Video Editor with custom graphs.

Text, music, and group layers can all be edited simultaneously

Your video editing process can be enhanced by working with multiple layers in this app. The video elements can be organized and managed effectively by adding text overlays, music tracks, and group layers.

Add special effects to your text

Adding special text effects to your videos will give them a professional feel. Make your text elements stand out and captivate your audience by using stylish fonts, animations, and text effects.

An animation effect in 3D

Add 3D animation effects to your videos with Ivy. With stunning 3D animations, your visuals will have depth and realism that will captivate your viewers.

Blurred motion is smart

With Ivy's smart motion blur feature, your videos will look better than ever. Motion blur gives your videos a more polished and professional appearance by adding realistic motion blur to moving objects.

Apply speed curves to video speed

Your videos can be sped up or slowed down with Ivy Professional Video Editor. The playback speed can be adjusted and speed curves applied to create slow-motion and fast-forward effects.

Advanced masking and chroma key to remove the background

Using chroma key and advanced masking techniques, Ivy lets you remove the background from your videos. Green screen effects can be created or unwanted elements can be removed with this feature.

How to Use Ivy Professional Video Editor APK

  • Using the APK downloader on your Android device, install Ivy Professional Video Editor.
  • You will need to import your desired video footage into the app.
  • Check out the various editing tools and features available and become familiar with the user-friendly interface.
  • Enhance your video with effects, text overlays, and music tracks.
  • Apply special effects, adjust video speed, and create custom transitions.
  • For removing unwanted backgrounds or elements from your footage, use the chroma key and advanced masking.
  • If any adjustments need to be made, preview your edited video.
  • Your finished video should be exported to your device in high quality once you are satisfied with the results.


A powerful and versatile video editing tool, Ivy Professional Video Editor APK empowers users to create professional-looking videos quickly and easily. The product's clean design, extensive capabilities, and intuitive interface make it an excellent choice for beginner and experienced editors alike. Create high-quality videos that you can share on social media platforms with Ivy, and add stunning effects, transitions, and text overlays. Enhance your video editing skills with this amazing app!

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