LAB2 UndeR GrounD APK

LAB2 UndeR GrounD APK 1.25 download for android

App By:
Zigzagz pro
1.25 For Android
Updated On:
juin 21, 2023
319.92 MB
Required Android:
8.0 and up

This is an animation game called Lab2 Under Ground APK. The main character is a criminal, with the plot centered around him. The purpose of this game is to control the main character as he moves through the underground levels to accomplish the tasks.

As you progress in the game, you'll be able to buy weapons, equipment, and skills to increase your character's power. In addition to this, you can also purchase these items using a monetary system.

The deductive reasoning and simulation of crime-solving techniques were used to identify a felon. There has been an interesting addition to the ending mechanic. In total, there are six cases to decide on, and each case has to be punished or absolved based on its crime.

Through observing the crime scene, interviewing witnesses, analyzing autopsy findings, solving puzzles, and piecing the clues together, the game simulates deductive reasoning to an extent. 


The underground facility of the laboratory was the scene of an incident. During the investigation, Sae takes the lead. Underground laboratories are under attack ... I wonder what awaits Sae in the future...

The game

This game is based on pixel art animation and is a platform game. Become stronger by acquiring weapons, acquiring items, and leveling up your character. There will be a difference between weapons used for long distances and weapons used for short distances.

LAB2 UndeR GrounD APK includes the following features

Here are some of the features you may find in the game LAB2-UndeR GrounD:

Tasks and levels:

From simple to complex tasks and levels may be available to players.

Make characters stronger:

Weapons, equipment, and skills can be bought by players to strengthen their characters.

Systems of monetary exchange:

For players to buy items and improve their character, the game can have a currency system.

Illustrations for animation:

Cartoon graphics can be used in the game, along with lovely and funny images in bright colors.

Both single-player and multiplayer modes are available: 

In some games, players are able to compete with each other in either single-player or multiplayer modes.

The Second Chapter: A Look at the Gameplay

Section One: Overview

An "underground facility" requires Sae to venture deep into its depths. Her goal is to collect five keycards in order to reach the final boss. A maze-like save area and laboratories contain the cards. I guess Sae is the only girl with the skill to navigate the facility's senseless layout, guarded by rapey scientists, monsters, and laser-shooting guard bots.

Section Two: Combat

A melee weapon and a ranged weapon may be equipped by Sae simultaneously. A melee attack deals more damage than a ranged one, but a ranged weapon allows a safe distance from a grapple attack. Sae can replenish ammunition almost anywhere in the game since ammunition is a limited resource. In order to encourage exploration, six unlockable weapons are hidden within the explorable world.

Bosses are the only enemies with more than one, often easy-to-avoid attack. By using calculated movement, you can streamline the gameplay. The game quickly became a "speed run" for me, and I only engaged foes when I was forced to do so. Watch Sae use carefully timed jumps to zoom through a room filled with enemies at full speed in the clip below.

Combat is generally a pretty straightforward affair. The clip illustrates how jumping over enemies is often easier than fighting them. As there is no shortage of ammo in this game, grinding foes is not necessary. There is little difference between boss battles and other battles.

As a whole, combat is pretty straightforward. The clip shows how jumping over enemies can be easier than fighting them. The game doesn't lack ammunition, so grinding foes doesn't make much sense. Boss battles don't differ much from normal battles.

My first encounter with the boss is shown in the following clip. An incompetent games journalist shows you what combat looks like when you have a low-level character and starting gear.

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