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Denis Tatina
1.0.2 Pour Android
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avr. 12, 2023
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4.1 and up

Have you ever forgotten a person or celebrity's name but remembered their face and wanted to search for them by that? With Pimeyes, finding any person by their face is very easy now, as it used to be very difficult earlier on. Any person you want can be found quickly and easily with Pimaeus.

By searching by a face image, you can find similar people who appear online along with their locations.

About PimEyes APK

A free Android app called PimEyes lets you search for similar images of people on the web. Uploading photos of a particular person and running a search are both simple and intuitive thanks to their simple interface. A list of websites with similar images is also displayed in the app as well as detailed results of its findings.

By scanning more than 10 million websites for matches with high accuracy, PimEyes stands apart from other apps in the same category. It can even identify images that have been altered or modified using Photoshop or other tools, according to their website. Additionally, users can customize their searches further by rotating faces and skewing angles, allowing them to refine their results even further.

What is reverse image search?

An image search is performed by uploading a picture to a search engine or taking a picture with your camera (the photo is automatically entered into the search bar). Images are usually uploaded to search bars or specific areas on pages. Reverse image search requires your picture to meet certain technical requirements. Images are normally classified by their size, quality, and file format, although the composition and depicted objects are sometimes included as well. In order to perform the search, the uploaded photo is used. A similar image or picture with a similar object is measured and analyzed. A high-quality image is essential for a successful reverse image search. Mobile phones and other devices can use the reverse image search mechanism.

Why you should use PimEyes APK

This face search engine searches the Internet for pictures that have a particular face on them. Reverse image searches are performed using face recognition search technologies by PimEyes.

You can check where an image of a face appears online by finding a face. Find a face with our face finder while maintaining your privacy. By searching by image, you can find facial recognition online.

Everyone can use this app to search for faces and photos. Copyright infringements can be audited using this tool.


Your privacy and image should be protected when searching for yourself on the Internet.

We protect you from scammers, identity thieves, and others who use your image illegally by using the latest technologies, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Our PimEyes tool is a multi-purpose tool that allows you to reclaim your image rights, track your online presence, and track where your face lands online.

Please upload a photo

Find images containing your face by uploading your photo. Find out where your photos are published by becoming a subscriber.

Get access to the results

You can access the source images on external servers by accessing the website addresses of the photos you appear in.

Set an alert

Whenever PimEyes finds a new result containing your face, you will receive an email notification.

Remove your photo from your computer

Unwanted photos can be permanently deleted from external websites. You can prevent your image from being used illegally.

A search that goes beyond reverse images

With PimEyes APK, you can find your face on the Internet (but only on the open web, not on social media or video platforms) by using reverse image search and face recognition technology. A reverse image search uses a photo as the query and returns a list of indexed photos in the results. However, PimEyes goes beyond that. In addition to matching the image you uploaded, we display pictures in which you appear on a different background, with other people, or even with a different haircut from the one you uploaded. As a result of our search engine focusing on a particular face, we have been able to improve our results. Find out where your face appears online using PimEyes' reverse image search engine.

PimEye will no longer search for your face

The public search results page does not display your existing photos with PimEye. We are not responsible for the original source of the photo, so you can still find it on the internet after we remove the photos from our search engine.


By uploading a photograph, PimEyes APK allows you to find people with just a few clicks. It provides accurate results for most quick searches related to identifying individuals online. Also, given that it doesn't cost anything and employs strong security measures, it's definitely worth a shot! It's easy to find like-minded people online with PimeEyes - Accurately & Securely!".

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