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2.0 For Android
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mars 23, 2023
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5.1 and up

The Pizza Tower game focuses on action, exploration, and point attack in a fast-paced 2D platform environment. Pixel art and a very energetic soundtrack are inspired by cartoons of the 1990s.

Play Pizza Tower APK and have fun.

Video games like Pizza Tower are all about movement, which makes platformers so addictive. If scrolling the screen isn't fun, you won't spend much time running and jumping. You can play with Savior, the old Wario, in Pizza Tower APK, which offers one of the most diverse and satisfying movie sets I've seen in a platformer.

There is nothing like playing pizza tower. All animations are buttery smooth and look like they were drawn by hand. Sprites are squashed and stretched around every corner.

The titular Pizza Tower, destroyed by Peppino Spaghetti, is threatening to destroy his restaurant, and he has to destroy it to save it. Get your fill of toppings and monsters as you follow him as he rampages across the many wacky floors of the tower!

A variety of maneuvers and attacks are used to increase the score, maintain combos, collect collectibles, and move fast. In every level, the player must escape while timed by activating an escape sequence. Players in this game do not have health or lives during regular gameplay, and there are no traditional difficulties; rather, they are determined by what they choose to accomplish.


In "John Gutter", the Pizza Tower APK's first level, Peppino performs a Mach Run during the "Pizza Time" escape phase. While Gustavo points to the exit, Pizzaface is watching the Pizza Time clock, and three Toppins follow Peppino. This screenshot shows the player collecting collectibles (the red clocks) in order to increase their score.

Peppino Spaghetti controls a platformer in Pizza Tower, where he traverses each floor of the tower. Unlike Floor 5, which only has three levels and a boss, each floor of the tower has four levels and a boss. For points and money, the player can rescue five trapped Toppins (small creatures resembling pizza toppings) in each level, unlocking boss stages. A secret treasure is locked behind a door behind each level that can only be opened by Gerome, the janitor who must be collected and brought to the door. Three secret rooms are also found in most levels, which reward the player with additional points and add to the level's completion.

We're breaking down the walls!

Since Wario Land is Pizza Tower's main inspiration, the gameplay is very similar to that of Wario Land. The player controls Peppino who is nimble and quick despite being fat. His moves are similar to Wario's bashes, and punches, and he can use various abilities as well. Anyone who loves 2D platformers will have a lot of fun with this game since he's very responsive and feels great to control. If you just blast your way through the multiple levels on each floor of the Leaning Tower Of Pizza, you should be able to complete it eventually. Get as high a score as you can by finding secrets, exploring, and finding all the secrets. The game is very addictive and fun.

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