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Statera Studio
0.0.4 Pour Android
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avr. 03, 2023
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7.0 and up

Taking inspiration from 90s classics like Street Fighter, Fatal Fury, and The King of Fighters, Pocket Bravery aims to bring players a new gaming experience. In addition, Neo Geo Pocket Color's SD aesthetic influenced games like Pocket Fighter. Pocket Bravery, however, was designed with a high-level player in mind, which is why it features original characters, vibrant colors, and a combat system that is designed to impress as well. It is still a game that will teach beginning players about developing and evolving.

During the game, you punch and kick using a digital pad and buttons. A directional pad and a button are used to execute the traditional commands from fighting games. In this way, you will be able to perform special moves, super specials, or even your final attack. Physical or supernatural strength is represented by an element for each character. Until the elemental bar reaches two attacks, you can accumulate attacks. "This system allows for the execution of elemental attacks that are unique from the others and give the player new options for offense or defense."


One expert in Pocket Bravery is able to throw energy through his or her hands, another is able to strengthen muscles, and another translates his or her essence into objects and weapons.

A story of revenge told through the eyes of multiple characters, Pocket Bravery explores a story of revenge through the eyes of Nuno and several other characters investigating the criminal organization Matilha.

Designed for high-level players, Pocket Bravery APK features original characters, vibrant colors, and a robust combat system.

Pick a fighter

  • With 12 characters to choose from, each with unique capabilities and playstyles, there is plenty to do!

The World’s Stage

  • With 20 world-wide arenas to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect one!

The story time

  • Discover how Nuno and his friends investigate the criminal organization Matilha!

Control schemes that are accessible to fighters of all levels included

Multiplayer with low-latency rollback netcode for local and online play!

Experience iconic global stages

Defend 20 unique stages from around the world while selecting from 12 unique characters.

Each stage has fantastic pixel visuals and animated backgrounds, including New York, Beijing, Glasgow, and more.

Playing systems that are unique

The elemental system

Strengths are represented by elements in each character. It is possible to have a physical element or a supernatural element. There is a limit of two attacks you can accumulate on the elemental bar. This system allows players to execute elemental attacks that are different from the rest and bring new offensive and defensive possibilities:

Character Status

Character selection screens include four attributes describing a fighter's gameplay: Strength, Speed, Range and Difficulty. Using the Details button will show you more details. You can check their bio here, which includes information about their nationality, full name, abilities, archetype, and some commands they can use. Depending on the type of gameplay a beginner prefers, this can be helpful.

Tactical system

There are both advantages and disadvantages to provocations during a match. It's important to be aware that characters can react differently depending on their personalities or relationships. It is still possible to unleash a devastating attack on the character during the taunt animation, so be careful!

Breaker System

Using a breaker is the best defense against pressure, as it costs half your elemental bar (or full if you are not guarding). Take advantage of this when you're blocking or being hit!

Multiplayer local and online

We offer near-zero latency for online and local matches, with rollback netcode.

Pocket Bravery features hand-drawn pixel art graphics and dynamic gameplay designed to ensure the characters' animations and movements are fluid during gameplay.

Hand-drawn pixel art is used in Pocket Bravery APK, which has a dynamic and responsive gameplay with a focus on the characters' animations for fluid gameplay.

A single attack consists of 22 frames 

In addition to Street Fighter and Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters is also influenced by 90s classics. As well as being an inspiration for games like Pocket Fighter and other fighting games for the Neo Geo Pocket Color, it also had an SD aesthetic. 

Nevertheless, Pocket Bravery was designed with high-level players in mind. It features original characters, vibrant graphics, and a unique combat system. Designed for beginners, they will learn how to improve and progress through a set of features.

Two punches and two kicks are executed with the help of four buttons on the digital pad. Specials, super specials, and even Final Attacks can be executed using directional inputs and buttons.

Using shortcuts

You can use simplified commands if you are still learning. The final attack or special move can be made by pressing just one button. On the character selection screen, you can enable this feature directly from the options. (Online matches do not have this feature).

Other Features

  • Arcade mode
  • VS mode
  • Online mode
  • Training mode
  • Combo Maker

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