Tập Kích APK

Tập Kích APK 2.4 download for android

App By:
Crisis Action
2.4 For Android
Updated On:
mai 18, 2023
97 MB
Required Android:
2.3.2 and up

Tập Kích APK is a Role-playing game, first-person shooter (FPS), published and developed by VTC Games. Thousands of real-life gunmen battle one another in this game, creating a lively battleground.

There are several game modes available in this game including PvE, PvP, and Zombie, which feature shooting gameplay with a free combat mechanism. The PvE mode may include interesting campaign levels in which players will have to achieve the tasks set by the system to reach higher levels and obtain weapons and equipment for their character.

Furthermore, the gameplay is very detailed thanks to its use of 3D graphics from the environment, characters, and guns. This game is not inferior to some of the PC shooters of today due to all the surfaces of objects or the character's movements and combat.

There is a very impressive sound system in the game, which aids gamers in feeling the combat atmosphere, identifying enemy positions on the battlefield, and many other things. Each weapon's sound can be distinguished from the footsteps, voice, or the voice of the character.

Live Team - 5 Vs 5

With Tập Kích APK, you'll have trouble taking your eyes off the phone screen with its attractive and dramatic game modes:

  • The 5v5 live team mode includes sniper gun battles, knife fights, and normal team fights.
  • Dramatic single-player game in which you are surrounded by enemies, giving you the best chance to show off your skills.
  • Winners of ranked battles are honored
  • In the wake of the zombie outbreak, stand with your comrades
  • Various storylines await you in campaign mode, will you survive them all?

Is there a fire on the battlefields?

Various Powerful Weapons

Create realistic images of guns and weapons in famous games like Raid, Half-Life, and Counter-Strike. Players can choose from more than 200 powerful weapons in Tap Strike, including Barrets, AWMs, AK47s, M4A1s, AUGs, Jack Hammers, QBZs, and Shotguns. The types of rotation available to characters are numerous. It is possible to change the weapons in the game by changing the backpacks. It allows you to freely demonstrate your level and skills because each type has different advantages, strengths, and firepower.

There are a variety of modes available

Rank Battle Mode

It is likely that you are familiar with the Rank system if you have ever played League of Legends or Dota 2. Individual players or teams can fight together. Depending on the game mode and opponents, the system will automatically arrange them. When you win, you'll receive rankings points, while when you lose, you'll lose rankings points. Weekly leaderboards will reset and corresponding rewards will be given based on rank.

Survival Mode

Alliances and Rebels are the two factions that exist in Survival mode. Ten participants can participate in a battle, which will last six rounds. We will determine the winner based on who wins 6 rounds first.

Team Battle Mode

Team Battle mode requires players to know 7 maps to properly move, hide and aim without being "touched" by their opponents: Cargo Ship, Old Town, Corridor, Dockyard, Frozen, School, and Supermarket.

Here are some updates available

  • Diamonds can also be used to purchase 7-day Autobots rather than permanent ones.
  • Four more VIP milestones have been updated, and new VIP levels can now be purchased.
  • A new level has been reached for the character: 130.
  • Grandmaster Rank is a new rank.
  • The Dead Knight Level 4 and Weekly Pass are instantly awarded to players who make their first deposit.
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