Dragon Waifu APK - Thợ Săn Rồng

Dragon Waifu APK - Thợ Săn Rồng 1.1 download for android

App By:
Lai The Tung
1.1 For Android
Updated On:
जून 28, 2023
1.2 GB
Required Android:
5.0 and up

As players take on evil dragons in Dragon Waifu APK, they will join beautiful and equally brave female dragon hunters.

Featuring bright and eye-catching 2D graphics, the game is visually appealing. In addition to having an anime design and voice acting, the characters are well-drawn and well-voiced.

Moreover, the attacks and skills of the characters are monumentally impressive.

In addition to more than a hundred hot waifus, the game features realistic Live 2D graphics that take players on an adventure through the vast world of the game. "Virtual wife" display in the game is extremely full HD with a wide array of styles that keep players from getting bored and looking forever. Earth, water, fire, air, light, and darkness are the 6 elements opposing each other in the story.

There are over 100 waifus for players to recruit from, each with a different strength and cute or hot appearance. Additionally, winning relies heavily on how characters are combined and how the squad is arranged.

Players are not only able to establish vivid 2D images with epic skill effects, but they can also change the character's appearance to become more naturally attractive as they increase the star value. Discover how to become outstandingly charming and receive countless valuable treasures while unlocking many SSR-quality waifus.


With Dragon Waifu APK, the gameplay is extremely familiar and simple, plus the idle combat mechanism allows players to stay busy while still enjoying the game. The squad you build continues to plow, accumulating the resources you need to upgrade your character regardless of whether you are AFK or offline.

Features of the game Dragon Waifu

  • VIP3, 100+ spins, and two SSR champions FREE when you log in
  • Featuring more than 100 gorgeous and hot waifu
  • Increasing your hunter star changes your appearance, and transforms you into a good person
  • There is no breath left out in Live 2D
  • Discover the world of dragons, hunt for red equipment
  • A variety of tactics - each element counters the other

You will participate in PvE activities, fight monsters, complete quests, and defeat bosses throughout the game. Furthermore, the game features PvP activities, where players can demonstrate their skills and tactics against other players.

Furthermore, the 2D graphics in this game are bright and eye-catching. A well-voiced anime-style character is designed for this game. As part of the adventures in the game, players will experience strong and satisfying feelings from the battle effects. As part of the sound system, you will also hear background sounds and other sounds. In addition to combat and sound skills, the characters also have voice acting.

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