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3.0.0 For Android
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जून 07, 2023
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Role Playing

Real-time gameplay is incorporated into Ezetta Prophecy's fantasy role-playing platform. All five elements found within a mythical domain named Ezetta must be mastered in order to prevent its destruction.

As a narrative-driven RPG, Ezetta Prophecy is likely to appeal to players of games such as Iron Blade - Medieval Legends RPG. Players who enjoy real-time strategy will benefit from the fact that it also supports MMORPG gameplay.

Ezetta Prophecy APK can be played as a single-player game, but it is primarily designed for multiplayer play. In order to acquire additional skills while combating enemies, it is possible to join different guilds as well as team up with others of a similar mindset.

Individual strategies can be used by players when building characters. A large portion of these customizations is based on the natural environment. The ability to equip specific weapons will also make you more powerful. The more one progresses, the more one obtains.

Heroes from unique cultures will be needed to save Ezetta. Humans, elves, and even demons belong to this group. In order to win, a good deal of strategy is needed, since each of these options has its own strengths and weaknesses.


There is an opening to an amazing fantasy world. An instant later, the prophecy intended, this place called Ezetta, which seemed unreachable by luck, was engulfed in darkness as expected. Ezetta has continuously been threatened by dark forces flowing through rifts in the blue sky. Blue gives way to desolate darkness everywhere the place deteriorates into hell.

Prophecy chooses and guides you as a hero warrior. To take advantage of all the power of nature to save the world, you have to master the surrounding natural elements.

Recruiting the world's current heroes, guiding them through key battle strategies, and exploring the continent of Ezetta with them under the Prophet's guidance is a key component of the game. Peace can only be restored by fighting, re-creating the cracks in the sky, and pushing all evil forces back to their original locations.

5 natural Factors that drive real-time Strategy

With hordes of demons and countless evil forces, there can never be a balance between the forces, even when heroes are at the top. In exchange for weaker numbers, you are more tactically minded. Battles can be sparked and armies can be led to victory using this element.

A real-time strategy is an integral part of Ezetta Prophecy APK, which requires players to make tough choices before, during, and after battles with their enemies. To decide which hero holds what element of nature as well as how it blends with the rest of the team, from choosing a heroic warrior to using the 5 elements of nature.

With these three things in mind, you will be able to conquer the vast battlefield and turn the tide of the game.

All five of these natural elements seem to have a profound effect on one another. A mutually supportive relationship, an attack, a strengthening of the defense, and a healing effect. Detailed descriptions for each element must be read carefully before you go into battle. Because a few plays do not provide a full understanding of their relationship, you can take notes if needed. A key element of Ezetta Prophecy's art lies in her mastery of natural elements. Using it, you can defeat even super enemies, which you would not be able to destroy with your normal strength alone.

A collection of heroes

There have been peaceful coexistence between all species on Ezetta for thousands of generations. Now is the time for Elves, Humans, and Demons to unite, regardless of their origins.

Your task will be to form an ideal squad by recruiting heroes from many factions, using your initial victories as recruitment tools. He will then lead the army to victory in many wars across the land.

The development of heroes

There are several different natural elements that each hero can master. There is an independent Talent System for each individual based on their abilities. You will unlock new unique skills of the Unique Talent System if you use a hero to fight. Due to battle wards, a hero will accrue many points and unlock unique skills.

Depending on their abilities, each person possesses a set of powerful signature weapons. As a result of the use of weapons, an individual will be able to fight and attack much more effectively. Additionally, attributes and weapon stats increase as well as talents and weapons.

Guilds can fight together if they are formed

There are many leaders in this world besides you. The fight for world peace is being led by many talented leaders as well. The most terrible bosses can be overcome with the aid of guilds, working together with fellow players to share glorious spoils. Joining a guild is the fastest and most efficient way to strengthen your strength if you find that you are not strong enough.

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