Gacha Customs and Coffee APK

Gacha Customs and Coffee APK 0.0.1 download for android

0.0.1 For Android
Updated On:
सित॰ 15, 2023
162 MB
Required Android:
7.0 and up

Gacha Customs and Coffee APK has emerged as the latest star in the enchanting Gacha Club universe. With this mod, you can add accessories, hairstyles, eyes, shirts, and much more to your tummy, while continuing the tradition of the beloved Gacha World. 

You will not be bored with this game; it's a fascinating story you will not soon forget. The heart and soul of Custom and Coffee Cafe lies in Chai, the charismatic mascot and barista. In addition to experimenting with coffee and tea, Chai enjoys engaging with customers and interacting with them. 

It has been estimated that Chai is about 18 years old, and he is inseparable from Team Reverence's mascot, Kosmos. Through her delicious drinks and pastries, Chai brings smiles to people's faces. The occasional food adventure ensues when she convinces Kosmos to sample her experimental menu. Don't forget to visit Chai at Custom and Coffee Cafe if you're near it so you can sample her delectable menu specials.

Features of Gacha Customs and Coffee APK

With the app, you can experience a new take on the Gacha Club gameplay:

  • New Hairstyles: Choose from an array of trendy hairstyles to transform your characters.
  • New Eyes: Choose from a range of captivating eye designs to express your characters' unique emotions and expressions.
  • Shirts, Skirts, Shoes, Jackets, Hats: You can customize your characters' wardrobes by choosing from a variety of casual and chic options.
  • Accessories: Whether you choose quirky glasses or elegant necklaces, accessories will elevate your character's style.
  • New Face Accessories: You can add flair and personality to your character's face with a variety of fascinating accessories.
  • New Props: With our assortment of Gacha props, you can enhance your scenes and set the stage for your stories.
  • New Backgrounds: Choose from a variety of captivating backgrounds to take your characters to different worlds.
  • Custom Presets: Maintain consistency and convenience by saving and applying your favorite character configurations.
  • New UI & Loading Screen: Enhance your overall aesthetic with a revised user interface and loading screen.
  • New Music: Enjoy mood-enhancing music tracks while immersing yourself in the Gacha world.
  • Cafeteria Theme: With a cafeteria theme, you can tell a more detailed story with your Gachas.
  • Regular Updates: Enjoy a constant flow of updates, ensuring a dynamic and vibrant Gacha experience.


Que: Is the game free to download and use?

Ans: Yes, the mod is available for free, allowing you to enhance your Gacha Club experience without any cost.

Que: When can we expect the full release of Gacha Customs and Coffee APK?

Ans: While the mod is still in development, regular updates are being rolled out to enhance your Gacha Club experience continuously.


A delightful addition to the Gacha Club universe, Gacha Customs, and Coffee APK is a game of customs and coffee. In addition to customization options, props, backgrounds, and more, the game gets a new lease on life. You can create unique characters and stories with Chai as the mod's charismatic mascot. The endless possibilities for expression and storytelling in Gacha Customs and Coffee appeal to both seasoned Gacha enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Embark on an exciting journey into the Gacha universe of creativity and style.

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