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1.0.8 For Android
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मई 11, 2023
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5.1 and up

Would you like to explore a variety of habitats and create the zoo of your dreams? Zoo Park Story APK will help you accomplish that! This pixel art game allows you to create your own zoo, which includes exotic plants, buildings, and attractions that will delight animals and guests alike. Here, you can relive the excitement of the opening day by taking care of your zoo's animals. Acorns, apples, and meat can be given to the critters as part of their diet to fit their habitats. You can also provide a home for your animal buddies by caring for the local vegetation.

Additionally, you can install benches, fountains, and hot dog vendors to make your zoo a relaxing and delightful place to visit. As your zoo grows, you might even consider setting up an on-site bus to assist visitors.

The opening day was a spectacular event

One of the most thrilling elements of Zoo Park Story is the anticipation of opening day. Organizing a global event gives your zoo an opportunity to promote itself and ensure that both animals and guests are well taken care of. Occasionally giving your animals treats will show them that you care about them. The right nutrition and environment may result in your animals falling in love and having children.

Area attractions and buildings

Zoo Park Story APK emphasizes as much on your zoo's facilities and attractions as it does its animals. The construction of benches, fountains, and hot dog kiosks will ensure that tourists are comfortable during their visit. A park shuttle may also be included as your zoo grows, as the zoo expands.

Interactions between animals

In Zoo Park Story, the goal is to create an excellent zoo. Additionally, it is essential that you develop strong relationships with the animals you take care of. Providing them with a cozy and exciting environment, feeding them in their natural habitat, and even helping them find a partner are all options you can take advantage of. Using the Animal Hub, you can explore and locate other creatures or interact with animals in the wild.

Taking over a zoo as a tycoon

Zoo Park Story focuses on the creation of your ideal zoo and elevating it above the competition. In order to grow and be more profitable, it is important for your zoo to attract more tourists and increase its activities. Show off your zoo's wild side to the world through social media.

It's time for you to create your dream zoo in Zoo Park Story APK, a fun and compelling game. The variety of exotic flora, architecture, and attractions will keep you occupied for many hours. In addition, Kairosoft's drag-to-scroll and pinch-to-zoom features make browsing the game a breeze and allow you to immerse yourself further into the uncharted world.

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