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Mei 27, 2023
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The MWCD APK streamlines order bookings, facilitates efficient milk collection center management, and streamlines the order booking process. It allows agents to easily place orders and track their products' delivery status through a user-friendly app. Milk collection centers can also track the dispatch status of various materials while simultaneously submitting invoices to the dairy. Aside from providing data on FAT (Fat Percentage), SNF (Solid-Not-Fat), as well as quantity submitted to the dairy, the app also provides insights into milk collection.


This application serves as a dedicated platform for milk collection center agents to interact with dairy agents through MWCD App, "Milk and Wholesale Commodity Distribution Application.". With the APK, all stakeholders in the supply chain will be able to receive real-time information, improve operational efficiency, and improve communication.

Key Features of MWCD APK:

Order Placement

The app eliminates the need for traditional manual order placement, thus allowing agents to place orders effortlessly. By using this feature, you will save time, reduce errors, and ensure that orders are placed accurately.

Tracing the status of deliveries

By using the app, agents can track the status of their orders, ensuring the delivery of their orders on schedule. The convenience and peace of mind that comes with having real-time updates about the dispatch and estimated arrival times are invaluable.

Please submit your indent

Different materials required from the dairy can be submitted indents conveniently by milk collection centers. As a result, seamless communication is enabled, ensuring that the material you need is procured in a timely manner.

A monitoring system for dispatch status

The material dispatch status of the milk collections can be monitored through the indents. Having real-time information about dispatch facilitates planning and coordination in real-time.

Milk Collection Details

A detailed report of milk collection is provided in the app, including FAT, SNF, and quantity supplied to the dairy. It is used to control quality, manage resources, and make decisions.

How to Use MWCD APK:

Download and Install

Agents and milk collection centers can download the MWCD APK from the given download link and install it on their mobile devices.

Registration and Login

Registration and creation of an account require credentials from the user. Logging into the app is possible once the registration process has been completed.

Putting in orders/submitting invoices

Indents can be submitted by milk collection centers for the materials they need through the app's intuitive interface. The input of relevant details can be accurate by users.

You can track the delivery or dispatch of your package

Dedicated sections within the app allow users to track the status of their orders and materials. A real-time update keeps users up-to-date.

Detailed information about milk collections

FAT, SNF, and quantity of milk collected are all included in the milk collection details section. Performance and quality can be assessed with the help of this data.


Milk collection and order management are made easier with the MWCD APK. An easy-to-use interface and real-time information enable agents and milk collection centers to work more efficiently, reduce errors, and improve communication, thanks to the app. MWCD streamlines interaction between milk collection centers and agents by allowing them to place orders, monitor delivery/dispatch status, and access milk collection details. Dairy supply chains can be streamlined and more productive by adopting this innovative solution.

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