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0.2.2 For Android
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mag 29, 2023
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7.0 and up

After Fright APK invites you to explore the chilling world of Five Nights At Freddy's (FNAF) through its captivating fan-made art style. Taking players on an unforgettable journey during the years following Fazbear Fright's catastrophic fire, players will experience the events that occurred before the auction. Our article will explore this captivating horror experience's engaging storyline, engaging gameplay, standout features, notable advantages, and frequently asked questions.


The owners of Fazbear Fright decided to auction off what remained of the building after the catastrophic fire that consumed it. A nearby warehouse helped them store the recovered artifacts until the auction date in order to preserve the artifacts. In the dark hours, you become David, the night guard tasked with securing the warehouse. However, what lies hidden in the shadows is unknown to you. Is there any hope that you will make it through the night, or will you lose your life to the lurking horrors?


With After Fright APK, you'll experience a thrilling and suspenseful gameplay experience. Only a limited supply of power keeps the lights on in the dimly lit warehouse as David. Monitoring the cameras strategically will allow you to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity or eerie movement. The Fazbear Fright attraction may have animatronic creatures roaming the premises, ready to catch you off guard. Survive until dawn by using your wits and making wise decisions.

The following features:

Creating an immersive environment: 

  • With its haunting visuals and eerie sound effects, After Fright offers a chilling atmosphere that keeps players on edge.

Using multiple cameras: 

  • Players can strategically switch between various cameras within the game to monitor threats using the comprehensive surveillance system.

The following are animated antagonists: 

  • Find out how each of the FNAF animatronic characters behaves and how they operate.

A strategy for managing power: 

  • You can increase your chances of survival by utilizing the limited power supply effectively.

The controls are intuitive: 

  • In addition to its user-friendly controls, After Fright APK ensures an accessible and seamless gameplay experience regardless of whether you are a newcomer or an experienced FNAF player.


  • Players will be hooked from the start to the end thanks to engaging and suspenseful gameplay.
  • With a captivating storyline that offers a fresh perspective on the events resulting from FNAF 3, this release expands on the FNAF universe.
  • An immersive horror experience enhanced by impressive graphics and sound design.

  • This game is constantly updated and bug fixed by a dedicated development team, ensuring that you have a fun and enjoyable gaming experience.
  • It adds depth to the fan community by allowing fans to explore the FNAF universe non-canonically.


Q1: Is After Fright APK an official game in the FNAF series?

Ans: No, It is a fan-made game and is not considered part of the official FNAF canon.

Q2: Is the game available on multiple platforms?

Ans: This game is primarily available for Android devices. However, efforts are being made to expand its availability to other platforms.

Q3: Can I play this game without prior knowledge of the FNAF series?

Ans: While some familiarity with the FNAF series may enhance the overall experience After Fright APK can be enjoyed by both fans and newcomers to the franchise.


With This app, you can immerse yourself in FNAF's beloved universe for an exciting and immersive experience. The game provides players with a thrilling storyline, intense gameplay, and standout features that allow them to explore the aftermath of Fazbear Fright and face the animatronic terrors within it. You will never want to stop playing After Fright APK if you're a fan of FNAF or a horror enthusiast searching for a spine-chilling adventure. Take a non-canonical journey through the warehouse and confront your fears. What are your chances of surviving the night?

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