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Flood Rush Supercell APK 1.6.0 download for android

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1.6.0 For Android
Updated On:
mag 30, 2023
235 MB
Required Android:
8.0 and up

There are dozens of new games being released by Supercell. A new battle royale game based on brawl stars has been announced by the company, called Squad Busters. A real-time strategy battle game called Floodrush surprises us again.

About Flood Rush Supercell APK

Users can play real-time battles against other players in Floodrush, an Android-based strategy game. In order to collect treasure and fight for supremacy, players must recruit their own rowdy crew!

In the game, players can choose between three different Seekers - Mage, Ascendant, or Tidefall - each featuring specific skills and abilities. It won't be long before their rowdy crew dominates the sinking island. Combat can become intense and thrilling with diverse attacks such as rum bombs, water spouts, and tremors! The experience is made all the more exciting by having to decide quickly when selecting spells while deciding whether to attack or defend against other players.

Flood Rush Supercell APK has many characters and environments to choose from, allowing the gameplay to come alive with highly detailed visuals and animations. In addition to this vibrance, the soundtrack adds a sense of creativity and upbeat tempo that keeps users captivated for hours on end

Play Floodrush and collect treasures

On the surface, it seems that the game is separated from the Clash Universe. 8 Seekers will battle for supremacy and collect treasure in real-time strategy battles. Before the island sinks, you must choose a Seeker and call a crew to help you conquer it. As an alternative to rum bombs, nets, and exploding watermelons, you can use rum bombs, nets, and exploding watermelon bombs.

A huge Lava Rex or a muscular Boxer Crab are some of the heavy troops that players will get to see in the game. Then swarm the other players with Pistol Fish, Raptors, and other creatures to destroy them. Put together a formidable force with higher-tier cards. Find out what the adventure map has to offer by sailing along and discovering new characters and rewards. Make your strategies more effective by unlocking abilities. 


In summary, Flood Rush Supercell APK is an incredibly deep real-time strategy game with dynamic environment features which add an extra level of entertainment. Due to its fast-paced gameplay, clear visuals & sound choices intended for extended sessions of gaming pleasure, despite being released without full development, this title still feels rewarding.

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