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Fugl APK 1.0 download for android

1.0 For Android
Updated On:
giu 03, 2023
23 MB
Required Android:
8.0 and up

In a procedurally generated world, fly around endless spaces like a real bird.

Explore forests, cities, deserts, and more in this exciting adventure. Survival in harsh environments, fighting enemies, and exploring new areas are all part of the game. If you wish to fly, you must have energy, so you must hunt and try not to let the bird die. Your pet can be customized and made to be more resilient by combining different DNA blocks.

Fly between beautiful 3D pixels as you explore a vast world of natural beauty. Enjoy an adventure free of time limits and goals by relaxing and feeling free like a bird on an adventurous journey. Watch your bird absorb the traits of hundreds of animals and change shape as it absorbs them.

About Fugl APK

Playing as a bird that changes shapes at any time, Fugl is a sandbox game where you can create your own story. Take in the breathtaking views while gliding peacefully through picturesque landscapes, or fly as a bird up steep cliff faces. We offer a stress-free environment in which you may explore the world freely, discover its beauty and secrets at your own pace, and create your own meaning to experience the world.

Among the many unique voxel playgrounds in Fugl, there is the wonderful world of voxel. Featuring windswept caves, tropical paradises, sprawling deserts, ancient forests, and a variety of procedurally generated areas to explore, the world is procedurally generated but still refined. Many different types of wildlife live in every environment, including hundreds of animals and rare mythological creatures. You can gain a new appearance or flight behavior by getting close to any of these animals.

With the level creator and character editor, you can create your very own birds in the Fugl world.

Features of Fugl APK

  • Experience the freedom of flying and controlling different flying creatures
  • The discovery of hundreds of animal friends awaits you
  • Create your own avatar or combine what you find to create your own
  • Embrace free-roaming gameplay - no set targets or pressure
  • You won't have to jump through hoops, but there are lots of caves to explore
  • There are a wide range of areas to explore
  • Change your appearance and physics by morphing into nearby animals
  • Explore mythological creatures
  • Play with physics that you customize

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