Kho Báu Truyền Thuyết APK

Kho Báu Truyền Thuyết APK 1.0.9 Scaricare per Android

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1.0.9 per Android
Aggiornato su:
mag 31, 2023
744 MB
Android richiesto:
5.0 and up

Kho Báu Truyền Thuyết APK closely resembles One Piece's plot, recreating virtually all the familiar characters, landmarks, and oceans. Luffy finds himself good teammates, faces the storm, and battles the Marines and other pirate bands to conquer the Grand Line.

In One Piece, the character's strength and fighting abilities are displayed in stunning 3D graphics with anime-styled shapes and skill effects.

A turn-based role-playing game is still present, along with an idle element, which is very popular in the general card game genre. Players can continue to cultivate their squad even if they are offline since the characters fight even while offline.

Despite being familiar, the role-playing gameplay still manages to be equally attractive. The automatic mode allows players to join the game without having to wait long, especially since Legendary Treasures brings a full experience.

There are several game modes in the game as well, including the original story mode, a PvE mode, a PVP mode, and even a cooperative mode with friends. Become a legendary pirate with 100 legendary characters by downloading Legendary Treasure for Android.

Game Features of Kho Báu Truyền Thuyết APK

  • Effects of extreme 3D graphics
  • More than 100 original characters were gathered
  • A top strategy is to become a legend
  • Four Emperors' Great War - Limit Awakening
  • Elevate power by activating soul intent
  • Unlimited play - diverse gameplay

As well as character training features, Legendary Treasure features leveling, increasing stars, breaking through, and equipping characters with equipment and gems to enhance their fighting power. Battleships in One Piece also have buffs for the entire squad, which can be unlocked based on famous ships from the series.

It's a more relaxing sound effect than most games, allowing players to relax and rest, but the bloody blows are quite pleasing to the ear.

We cannot miss out on different events

  • Collect rare materials every day - Pass the copy every day
  • Warships improve squad buffs - Collect them
  • To get tons of resources and attractive rewards, beat the boss in Path of Glory.
  • It's a treasure hunt full of mystery and intrigue
  • You can also participate in special activities, such as chests and battle forts.
  • Gather teammates and fight in the inter-server arena
  • The Legendary Treasure is waiting for you to discover, download the app now to experience a surreal world!

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