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8月 09, 2023
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7.0 and up
Role Playing

Get ready for the ultimate pro wrestling experience with WrestleQuest!

In this ultimate pixel-powered adventure, pro wrestling collides with RPG fantasy. Powerbomb your way to glory outside the ring with guidance from "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

About WrestleQuest APK

With its focus on the wacky world of professional wrestling, WrestleQuest APK draws inspiration from classic fantasy role-playing games. There are two action figures in the game who are starting off as rookies, Randy Santos and Brink Logan. The storylines of these two wrestlers intersect as the player follows their intersecting storylines. 

On the way to becoming a champion, you'll meet legends, such as André the Giant, and enhance your skills. WrestleQuest takes inspiration from games like Dragon Quest due to its turn-based combat system and retro-style graphics. You can play a free demo of this wrestling title if you are intrigued by its mechanics.

A turn-based RPG game based on 80s professional wrestling

You don't come across games like WrestleQuest very often. A turn-based fantasy game featuring professional wrestling would be fantastic. The RPG lauds the importance of several aspects of this genre as an entertainment genre and sport. In my previous review, I described the game in greater detail, and now I'm going into more depth about it.

In order to be memorable, you must have an excellent look. Toys are at the center of the game, where various action figures strive to be called the world's best wrestlers. As they travel in this fictional but lovely world, they will work together with others of like minds.

WrestleQuest APK features:

An adventure like no other in professional wrestling

Take on the challenge of power bombing and piledriving your way through a massive pixel art world where RPG fantasy and professional wrestling meet.

Face your destiny with courage

Discover what it's like to be a hero... while wearing tights! Train, learn, glam, and SLAMM your way to the top as an aspiring rookie to world champion.

There are idols waiting for you

Inspire yourself by wrestling icons such as Jake the Snake Roberts, Randy Savage, and André the Giant. Experience their lofty careers in a variety of worlds.

Action that pumps your heart

Gimmicks and gimmicks galore as classic RPG combat meets pro wrestling moves.

Lizards, robots, good guys, and bad guys

As this fantasy takes place beyond the ring, wild realms and exotic monsters await.

Make the most of your climb by gearing up

In the pro wrestling world of your dreams, you will learn what it takes to be the cream of the crop through your choices of moves, style, taunts, and entrances.

The ability to speak is perhaps the most important, as are incredible special attacks. A good storyline is at least as important as an interesting action scene. The best RPGs of all time have all of these hallmarks, so it only makes sense to combine them into one game.

Despite celebrating professional wrestling, Mega Cat Studios doesn't water down the game's mechanics or story. Rather than detracting from the title, it enhances it. With its flashy, neon-colored surf gimmick, it features a character torn between a grim look similar to The Crow or a family of technically gifted wrestlers. You can have it all with WrestleQuest APK.

I've always been a fan of wrestlers, and several of my favorites appear in the game, including Jeff Jarrett, Randy Savage, Jake Roberts, The Legion of Doom, and more. There's even an appearance by one of the biggest podcasting names, Conrad Thompson.

Wrestling game with a twist

WrestleQuest provides players with the opportunity to meet fictional and iconic professional wrestlers. As a wrestling title, it's refreshing to see a turn-based combat system that pays homage to classic RPGs. Non-wrestling fans may not be able to enjoy the game as much as wrestling fans will.

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