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1.1.1 For Android
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kwi 10, 2023
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5.0 and up

Endless Nightmare 5 APK is a first-person horror game combining puzzles, adventure, and a first-person viewpoint. As players explore the horror story, they will find themselves at different locations. In addition to learning about supernatural matters, you will also be fighting monsters all over the map.

This new part 5 introduces the main character to the use of magic in addition to swords to defeat monsters. In this horror puzzle adventure, players will encounter many dungeons and challenging challenges in a remote fishing village. You need to play this game if you like puzzle adventure games.

There is a tragic and confusing fishing village in Luoxi Village in "Endless Nightmare 5".

A semi-open world mode, allowing you to freely explore the world, has been adopted in place of the linear exploration of the previous game; dungeons and dungeons are also incorporated. Then you'll find the entrances, and you'll win extra rewards for completing the challenges. This won't interfere with the mainline game process, of course.

The attack modes of Jiang Chao, our protagonist, are quite different from before. A variety of swords, each equipped with a different attribute and attack action module, give melee combaters greater choice and control; fire, ice, and thunder talismans are able to be thrown from a distance, enhancing the choice and playability of battles. It can also store power and release a wide range of attacks, as well as play a variety of sealing effects in conjunction with various abnormal states.

Getting to know the game

  • Man-made disasters can't be calmed down, regardless of how evil they are
  • The villages are barren, the tombs chaotic, and the graves lonely.
  • It is a misty and melancholy evening with resentful spirits cursed.
  • With a sword in hand, a Taoist Jindan guest asks the ghosts and gods for advice.
  • "The Curse of the Wraith" has undergone a number of innovations compared with the previous game

Black and white impermanence, zombies in full uniform, the gloomy flying man, and water monkeys lurking on a beach are all characteristics of Chinese design. Your character is the son of a child, catching ghosts, punishing evil, and eradicating evil from evil in the old movie that I watched as a child.

A number of new systems are also introduced, including collection, alchemy, magic tools, meditation, teleportation, plot dialogue, branch options, Taoist talents, and brand-new maps. The five generations were upgraded comprehensively. As a result, the amount of work and cost on this project far outstripped the past, and the amount of dubbing and plot animation has also significantly increased. All of this is due to your long-term commitment to the Endless Nightmare series, and it is you who have motivated us to continue it. 

Recent updates

  • A new set of fireworks props has been added for the Spring Festival
  • The movement speed of the player was increased
  • Talisman's charge attack now consumes 1 watt of internal power
  • Early enemies' strength has been reduced by reducing the monsters' value
  • Increased early-stage upgrade income and optimized weapon upgrade curve
  • Weapon upgrades require fewer souls
  • Treasure house soul output should be greatly increased
  • Optimize the dodge feel and improve the ability to turn when dodging
  • To make the healing gourds three, change the initial amount
  • Improve the effects of the Zijin Furnace and Lao Pan's mercy magic weapon
  • Bug fixes have been made
  • An improved gaming experience thanks to optimized performance!
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