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Bartender: The Right Mix APK 1.0.1 download for android

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Swallen Game
1.0.1 For Android
Updated On:
mar. 18, 2023
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Required Android:
2.3.2 and up

With Bartender The Right Mix, you'll have the chance to think and act quickly at the same time! As a master mixologists, users serve drinks to demanding customers in this great Android casual game.

In contrast to other simulators, this one offers smooth gameplay as well as unique elements. Having an expert bartender mix drinks or pass orders with precision is the best feeling in the world. In order to ensure that customers get what they ordered, accuracy still needs to be maintained. With the help of various ingredients, players can create their own special recipe while also adding their own creativity.

About Bartender: The Right Mix APK

Become a professional bartender with Bartender APK, an online game that helps players become bartenders. During the game, the player assumes the role of a bartender and serves clients. In order to make money, the player must find the right recipe and time to prepare the cocktails and drinks ordered by customers.

As well as recipes and drinks, the Bartender Game provides players with mixing tools and equipment for creating the perfect cocktail. Further, players must meet the demands of diverse customers and limit the amount of time they are able to spend on service.

As players create drinks, they use their time management skills, logical thinking skills, and creativity. As well as being an entertaining game, it can relieve stress after a long work day.

Playing games in an immersive environment

This game has you take on the role of a bartender in a virtual bar. Your customers will have their own preferences when it comes to cocktails. Make sure to mix the ingredients carefully so that you don't mess anything up.

Each customer will have a unique request. It is essential that you make their orders quickly and accurately.

Your first few ingredients & beverages will only be a few. Perfect cocktails can only be made with these ingredients.

Fortunately, as you progress through the game, you will unlock more items. It will give you more options when it comes to making drinks.

Expand your business and earn points

You earn experience points for making perfect drinks. Your drink may even be tipped if your customers like it! Your business can expand & you can buy new ingredients with these points.

Decorative items for your bar can also be purchased with them. Then you'll earn even more points and your bar will look more attractive!

The more cocktails you make, the more items you unlock. You can also find different types of bottles, glasses, and fruits here. The more you level up, the more liquors and mixers you will be able to unlock. Making complex drinks will be even easier now!

Play Bartender Game and discover its features

In Bartender: The Right Mix APK, players can make drinks and manage their bars with many attractive features. In this game, you will find the following features:

  • Various recipes are available in Bartender, from simple to complicated, including cocktails and other beverages.
  • Drink Dispensing Tools: Players can use shakers, spoons, glasses, drinks, ice, and more to create drinks according to their customers' requests.

  • Providing fast and accurate service to your customers is a requirement for each customer coming into your shop.
  • A player must manage his or her time efficiently to fulfill the customer's request within the required amount of time. Earning more money and progressing to new levels will be easier for players if they manage their time effectively.
  • Investing earnings from serving customers in improving your bar, including buying more bartending equipment and ingredients, upgrading the interior, expanding the bar, and more will help you improve your bar.
  • Level diversity: There are many levels of Bartender, each with different requirements and difficulties. Progressing to new levels requires players to complete the customer's requirements.
  • The look, sound, and more of the game can be customized to improve the experience for players.
  • In terms of features, Bartender Game provides players with a variety of unique and interesting bartending and management tools to practice and explore.

Bartender: The Right Mix APK: How to Play

The steps for playing Bartender Game are as follows:

  • Download the Bartender gaming app.
  • Choosing "Start Game" or "New Game" will start the game.
  • Make sure you read the instructions and follow the recipes carefully.
  • Start making a customer's requested drink as soon as they walk into your bar.
  • You can earn coins by completing customer requests within a limited time frame.

  • The coins you earn will help you improve the quality of your service and buy new tools and ingredients.
  • In order to become a successful bartender, you need to complete levels and move up to new ones.

The players should use mixing tools and ingredients efficiently, pay attention to customer requests, and manage their time to succeed in this game. To earn more money and attract more customers, players should also improve their bars.


Even beginners will enjoy Game Bartender's simple gameplay, which is easy to understand and play.

As players prepare drinks for different customers and try out recipes, they are given an engaging and enjoyable experience.

Bartender: The Right Mix APK features gorgeous graphics and vivid sound, making it easier for players to feel like they're working as a bartender.

Managing their own bar, making drinks with tools, and interacting with customers are all features of the Bartender game.

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