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Fans of manga and mobile gaming will be thrilled to hear this news! A highly anticipated mobile MOBA game titled Jump Assemble will be released by DeNA and Shueisha, a popular mobile game development team. Fans of Shueisha IP will be able to experience a crossover of characters from various popular franchises in this exciting game.

About Jump Assemble Moba APK

Designed to feature characters from several of the most beloved manga series featured in Shueisha's "JUMP" magazine, Jump Assemble Moba APK is a 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. This game meticulously animates each character's movement to provide players with a dynamic, fast-paced, and tactical gaming experience.

Goku, Luffy, Naruto, Tanjiro, and other famous anime/manga characters appear in the game...


As there is little difference between this game and LoL Wild Rift or King of Glory, the fights will now have a much greater intensity.

The simple reason is that each general has a unique set of skills that video game players are familiar with.

There are many world-famous IPs that will feature in the game, including "Dragon Ball", "One Piece", "Bleach", "Demon Slayer", and "Jujutsu Kaisen".

It lets players relive the manga's passion and excitement by using their favorite characters such as Son Goku, Monkey D. Luffy, Sasuke Uchiha, and Nobara Kugisaki.

Features of Jump Assemble Moba APK

Iconic Characters

Jump Assemble features an extensive roster of characters from popular manga series, offering players the opportunity to play as their beloved heroes and villains.

Strategic Battles

The game combines fast-paced action with strategic depth, allowing players to form teams and devise tactics to defeat their opponents.

Stunning Visuals

The game's animations bring these iconic characters to life, providing a visually engaging and immersive experience.

Constant Updates

Expect regular updates and new character additions to keep the game fresh and exciting.


This mobile gaming experience combining characters from popular manga series is shaping up to be an exciting one thanks to DeNA and Shueisha's collaboration. No matter what you like in the "JUMP" magazine, this game promises to deliver a unique and thrilling crossover adventure between "Demon Slayer," "Jujutsu Kaisen," "One Piece," "Dragon Ball," "BLEACH," "Naruto," or any other series featured. Join "JUMP: Assemble" today and assemble your dream team!

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