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n Track 9 APK 9.8.25 download for android

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9.8.25 For Android
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jan. 11, 2023
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5.0 and up
Music And Audio

The easiest way to create and share music is to record it wherever you are. Production & recording of music.

Using your Android device, you can create music on the go.

Add effects: from guitar amps to vocal tuners and reverbs, and record unlimited audio, instrument, and beat tracks. Get involved in the Songtree community by editing your songs, sharing them online, and collaborating with other musicians.

A powerful, portable music-making app, n Track 9 APK converts your Android device into a recording studio and beat maker. It documents a wide variety of audio, MIDI, and drum tracks, and then combines them throughout playback, adding effects like guitar amps, vocal tuning, and reverb. Collaborate with different artists on Songtree by editing songs, sharing them online, and joining the group.

In n-Track Studio 9, there are a number of new features

Loop Browser

We have handcrafted sample packs that you can use to inspire new productions, or you can import your own sounds. Add audio files to your n-Track project by selecting tempo, genre, and instrument.

Pitch shifting should match the tempo

Dropdowns for Follow Song Tempo and Pitch Shift make audio loops easier to use. Plugins are not required either internally or externally.

Take advantage of the Suite Edition upgrade

A version of n-Track Studio on Android that offers more features than any other. Discover the full range of premium sample packs handcrafted by producers from Rome to Atlanta. For those who want to supercharge their productions, there are a ton of royalty-free loops, beats, and 400+ playable instruments available.

Music creation made easy and brilliant

The steps of creating new pieces of music can be explored by Android users at the beginning. With your built-in microphone or external audio recorder, start recording your own music tracks of various instruments or singing. Add or edit specific audio tracks to n-Track Studio to take advantage of certain editing materials. Check out the Loop Browser and the royalty-free samples it offers, which you can use whenever you like.

As well as mixing grooves and beats, you can import them into the app's Step Sequencer Beat Maker. Play around with the virtual keyboard and create awesome melodies using the various functions provided. Make the most of your music experience by connecting your devices to any external keyboard.

You'll find a lot of useful audio effects here

It is possible to completely customize the sound of your system in n Track 9 APK thanks to the awesome audio effects. Having access to tons of audio effects from the Step Sequencer Beat Maker app will make it fun to explore. You will be able to edit more easily by utilizing the Group and Aux channels options.

With intuitively visualized 2D and 3D spectrums and a variety of audio settings, master your audio with the powerful EQ. From the in-app options, you can adjust the sound of various beats and instrumental effects. With the amplifier available, you can enhance the sound of your guitar and bass. Various audio effects are available, including Reverb, Echo, Tremolo, Tube Amp, Phaser, and Compression, among others, to enhance the audio experience,

Finally, the VocalTune function allows you to correct and beautify your vocals in a way that is as natural as possible, so creating amazing music mixes will be much easier for mobile users.

Various editing materials are at your disposal

With n-Track Studio's complete track library and dozens of interesting Sample Packs, you can automate your music mixing experience without having to worry about the technical aspects. Aside from recording tracks, you can also import tracks from your device's storage and use the editing features.

Records, exports, and sharing made simple

For those interested, there are many simple features you can use to record, export, and share content within the app. You can easily select or customize your choices with the intuitive input monitoring function. Easily record multiple tracks at the same time to create your music effectively. Make your edits more personalized by changing the frequency settings from 48 kHz to 192 kHz.

Choose different export options for your audio files based on the bitrate. Show off your mixes to others by sharing them online. Save your records offline or simply keep them on your computer. You can even create live music on your mobile device using this awesome app.

How this system works

  • An external USB audio interface or a built-in microphone can be used to record tracks
  • Loop Browser and royalty-free sample packs make it easy to add and edit audio tracks
  • Use our Beat Maker to import grooves and create beats
  • The internal keyboard includes a virtual instrument that allows you to create melodies. External MIDI keyboards are also supported.
  • Add effects and adjust volumes using the mixer
  • From your device, you can save or share the recording
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