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Rizline APK 1.0.2 download for android

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1.0.2 For Android
Updated On:
dez. 21, 2022
119.9 MB
Required Android:
7.0 and up
Music And Audio

Rhythm games with great music can provide a great sense of satisfaction to you. There is a great sense of geometry in this music journey, with dots and lines woven together with rhythm.

In this traditional rhythm game, the players play horizontally. There are vertical notes coming from the top and going down, so the gameplay is all vertical.

Tap and hold are the only gameplay features, so no swipe notes are available. Depending on whether a note has been tapped or not, it is categorized as such.

The game starts you off with three songs, each with three difficulty levels: ez, hd, and in. There is a health bar at the top of the screen and the notes follow the lines. In each song difficulty, you'll receive 5 orbs, and you can collect them.

3 of the songs are given away for free, but there is a total of 30 available. Does a subscription fee have to be paid for the rest of the music? If you want access to the other songs, you can either pay a one-time fee or subscribe to the service. 

Overall, I am looking forward to seeing more progress on this game and I hope it will be released in English in the near future. The song choices are great as many of the songs from Phigros are included in this title.

Game Features of Rizline APK

A greater degree of freedom and unrestricted movement

  • Feel the rhythm colliding at your fingertips by judging the trajectory on the full screen!
  • There is flexibility and changeability in the spectrum! Feel the fun of music with everyone!

An immersive and calmer experience

  • The Riztime design moves with the rhythm, letting you see the emotions and charts rise along with the music.
  • Bringing the mood to life through audio game tracks!

More connected and closer to each other

  • Many people have become farther apart because of the Internet, but it has clearly brought the world closer together.
  • By using Rizline, you can connect with real "people"!
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