WiFi KiLL Pro APK 1.0.9 download for android

App By:
XDA Developer
1.0.9 For Android
Updated On:
мар. 20, 2023
7.8 MB
Required Android:
4.4 and up

With WiFi KiLL Pro APK, your Wi-Fi connection will be sped up considerably. Your phone will appear to other devices as a Wi-Fi router if you have the app running while connected to public WiFi. Their connection will be dropped when WiFiKill Pro detects them trying to connect to your phone. 

Interruption of network service

By using this app on your home network, you can eliminate all unauthorized devices. Using the app, you can block unwanted connections, improving the speed and strength of your internet. 

To discover connected devices, click 'scan' once the app opens. A number of information, such as the IP address of the router and the MAC address of the device, will be displayed by the app. Disconnecting the devices from the network is possible once you have this information.

Take advantage of WiFi to the fullest extent possible

The problem WiFiKill Pro attempts to solve is bandwidth usage. The maximum speed that a device can access the Internet reduces when an Internet connection is shared between many devices. With this app, you can see what devices are connected to your WiFi network and disconnect them instantly. This app also lets you see how fast the devices are connected, so you can select the ones that slow down your connection the most. In this way, bandwidth hogs can be disconnected and your connection can be improved. In addition to reconnecting those devices, the app also allows you to erase them.

WiFi KiLL Pro APK features:

  • Wi-Fi networks show all devices connected to them (a list of connected devices).
  • With WiFiKill, you can see how fast devices are downloading and uploading data.
  • The WiFi network activity of any device can be monitored.
  • The network devices are listed by their names.
  • Furthermore, you can disconnect any device with a connection from the internet. You can connect them to the same WiFi network as you.
  • Additionally, it is compatible with tablets.

Wi-Fi in the vicinity should be killed

By following a few simple steps, you can find out all the details about the active Wi-Fi network that you are interested in. The password and network activity history can be found here. Wifi Kill Pro also allows you to disable the Internet and see the history of your browsing if you download the paid version.

Retrieving data from scanners

Data logs, units, and even megabytes transferred, downloaded, and browsed should also be checked. Furthermore, WiFi KiLL Pro APK allows you to keep an eye on all network activity from any device you have previously connected to. In addition to the currently connected devices.an app that protects and secures data.

Devices connected to your account

WifiKill Pro has this as one of its best features and services. Now you can see the connected device's username. Additionally, the passwords and network information will be obtained. The list of visited sites can also be viewed. The device will also tell you how many passwords it uses.

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