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3.17.0 For Android
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7月 24, 2023
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5.0 and up

bilibili Trung Quốc APK is an anime and culture community that hopes to connect with more young people, particularly anime fans. ACG and 2D content are among the genres of entertainment that Bilibili specializes in, thanks to its sleek interface and ad-free experience. With thrilling dramas and hardcore games as well as film and television variety shows, digital evaluations, house dances, original music, fashion beauty, funny everyday moments, and adorable pet content, Bilibili caters to the interests of a vast audience.

It provides access to more than 7,000 classes of interest, and Bilibili offers something for everyone. The Up server and floating comments above each video set Bilibili apart from other ACG-style video communities due to its inspiration from AcFun. In comparison with other platforms, it creates an interactive and dynamic experience.

An immersive and engaging gaming experience is provided. Barrage comments are plentiful on the platform, where viewers can work together to launch more barrages, improving the overall experience. The app also offers a wide range of fan dramas and domestic animation content, ensuring that users won't miss any of the latest shows. 

A key aspect of the platform's social appeal is tracking UP masters' exciting news and sharing hot spots with friends.

Features of bilibili Trung Quốc APK

A streaming anime service

Fans of anime will find a wealth of content to enjoy on Bilibili. More than 9600 episodes and 3800 hours of content are available with over 35 anime titles, including new releases and exclusive series.

Comic books based on anime

Manga fans will be delighted to learn that Bilibili now offers free webtoons and manga chapters. As well as joining book clubs and discussing the newest episodes, users can also access free comics whenever they want.

Taking part in social interactions

The Bilibili community encourages interaction, sharing videos, and exploring content created by others. A strong sense of camaraderie among users is fostered in this community of manga, anime, and video game fans.


Library of extensive resources

In addition to anime series, cartoons, and movies for all tastes, Bilibili offers a wide range of movies, cartoons, and cartoon series. To satisfy users' animated content cravings, there are both classic and trending titles available.

Gen Z Appeal

With Bilibili, young entertainment enthusiasts have a go-to platform for their entertainment needs. This demographic is further attracted to the app thanks to its collaboration with WeChat, a popular social network.

Optional free and VIP memberships

Bilibili offers a free streaming service as well as a VIP service for fans who want HD-quality streaming and exclusive content.


Que: Is Bilibili available worldwide?

Ans: As of now, It is available in specific regions, including China, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. It has not yet expanded its services to a global audience.

Que: Can I share my own videos on the app?

Ans: Absolutely! This encourages user-generated content, allowing users to share their own videos and interact with the community.

Que: How can I access Bilibili's VIP service?

Ans: To enjoy the VIP service and gain access to exclusive content and HD streaming, users can upgrade their accounts by subscribing to the VIP package offered by Bilibili.


Bilibili Trung Quốc APK has made a name for itself among anime enthusiasts and entertainment lovers. Bilibili has carved a niche for itself in the entertainment industry due to its diverse content library, interactive features, and community engagement. As an ACG culture enthusiast, the app offers a complete entertainment experience, from anime streaming to engaging with manga and webtoons. In addition to growing and expanding its offerings, Bilibili remains committed to providing a platform where young people can connect and share their passions for anime and entertainment.

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