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Updated On:
7月 26, 2023
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Required Android:
5.0 and up

A captivating sandbox city-building game, BRIXITY APK invites you to reshape a desolate earth through a unique way of building cities. Your vision is desperately needed as our planet lies in ruins in 2523. When you have been chosen as a Brixmaster, you are responsible for restoring Earth through the design of a city using purifying substances known as Brix. Humanity's future depends on your hands, and adorable Pipo characters are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to return to Earth. This grand galactic project has undergone extensive research and testing, but it's up to you, the brilliant builders, to bring it to life. Are you ready to get started?


Earth has become a barren wasteland after a catastrophic event. Having been entrusted with the title of Brixmaster, the last hope of humanity, you are entrusted with the ability to rebuild civilization using the miraculous 'Brix. By purifying the planet, these purifying substances can create a safe haven for adorable Pipo creatures. Create a city that will serve as a testament to human resilience and creativity - a city that will be the heart and soul of the new world.


As you lay the foundation for your town or city in BRIXITY, care must be taken to plan ahead. In your new civilization, you can use Brix to construct magnificent buildings that will serve as symbols of progress and hope. There are endless possibilities, from towering skyscrapers to cozy, communal residential homes. Come to life with your awe-inspiring visions as you immerse yourself in a world of infinite creativity.

BRIXITY APK features include:

Unlimited Customization

There is no limit to the customization options available with BRIXITY. Brix blocks come in over 7000 types, giving you the freedom to build the planet exactly how you want. Showcase your creativity and imagination by designing unique buildings, and monuments, and even creating an avatar of yourself.

Exploration around the world

In addition to solitary construction, BRIXITY APK for Android has a wide range of applications. You can explore other Brixmasters' creations from around the world by venturing outside your own city. Observe the architectural prowess of other players, engage in conversations, and exchange ideas.

Interactions of different types

During your interaction with other players, you're likely to discover new things and experience new adventures. Get inspired by the BRIXITY community's boundless creativity, exchange blueprints, and forge friendships.


  • Ensures creativity is nurtured: Imagine wonders that once only existed in dreams with BRIXITY, a playground for your imagination.
  • Communities around the world: Get involved in a diverse and welcoming community of players who are passionate about creating cities and building them.
  • Taking care of your stress: With BRIXITY, you can escape the pressures of daily life and find solace and relaxation.


Q: Is BRIXITY available on all platforms?

A: Yes, The game is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Q: Can I interact with other players?

A: Absolutely! It promotes social interaction, allowing you to explore other cities, exchange ideas, and make friends.


A shattered world can be rebuilt and something extraordinary created in this realm of BRIXITY APK. Join a global community dedicated to creating and unleashing your creative genius. Reimagine humankind's future by reshaping the world and redefining it, as you embark on a unique city-building adventure. Become a part of the magic of BRIXITY - the Pipo is counting on you!

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